One Holy Hour with the Lord
"Oh Sacrament most holy, oh Sacrament divine, all praise and all thanksgiving be every moment thine."



It is a great privilege for us to have Perpetual Adoration in our Parish!


When in the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus asked His disciples to keep watch with Him.  He was in big distress, knowing what He was about to suffer, and even sweated blood!  He asked for their support. But when He came back found them asleep, twice!


The first time He woke them up saying  “Could you not watch ONE HOUR with me?”

The second time, He left them sleeping.


Don’t you want to make up for this, and spend the whole hour with HIM?


But please keep in mind, committing to ONE HOLY HOUR is more than a privilege, it’s your personal holy obligation towards building a stronger relationship with our Lord.


If you are not sure that you can come every week at the same hour, please don’t commit, but come as a Visitor! 


Jesus will love to see you even if you spend only 5 minutes with Him to say “Hi”, to talk about your day and your sorrows, to pray for the ones that are precious to you.


This is also an Hour to praise Him, to thank Him, to sing with your heart!... and maybe in reparation for our sins and the sins of the whole world


When you commit to a Holy Hour, you are to keep Him company that whole hour.


Come a little before and leave a little after your assigned hour. 


It’s important to be here for Adoration every week! If something comes up and you can’t come, try your best to find a substitute and call your Hour Coordinator!


The Holy Hour brings many blessings upon the ones present, be a responsible part of it!  




The Buddy System is much more reliable than depending on finding a substitute when you can’t come!


The idea is to PAIR with someone, and when you can’t come, your buddy fills in for you! Here are some suggestions/ideas about the “buddy” system:


·         If you come the same hour, your buddy would make sure to be there (we can have exceptionally only ONE adorer)


·         If you come in different hours, you could swap days this week, or make up for it whenever your buddy needs you to take his hour!


·         Your friends or other adorers you know are great buddy candidates. If you attend other ministries, find out who goes to adoration and introduce the buddy system to them.


·         We have friends that come together and spend some time hanging out before or after Adoration.  And when one can’t come, the other comes alone, making sure that one of them is always there!


Try to find a buddy for you!  




·         When you enter, kneel before the Sacrament. You may use the kneeler for a while, but be considerate to others that might be willing to use it (if the other half of the kneeler is vacant, you may stay).


·         Adoration is QUIET meditation. Try to keep noise as low as possible. No music or singing (you can sing to the Lord with your heart – He listens!).


·         He is your best friend! Talk to the Lord about your day, your worries. Don’t forget also to thank Him for your blessings!


·         If you notice somebody with a noisy behavior, you may approach him and politely ask for silence. Point to the “Silent Meditation” sign at the door


·         You may pray the Rosary or do other devotions, quietly


·         Reading the Bible and other Holy Books is OK


·         Reading a novel or Newspaper is NOT OK


·         You may use any material on the table, and you may take home praying cards and other material that is clearly in big quantities for that purpose.


·         If you want to leave some material on the desk for the adorers, first contact  Debbie Davis at (512) 244-2324 or email .


·         Falling asleep while sitting may happen, especially in late and very early hours, but SLEEPING ON THE FLOOR is NOT OK. Gently try to wake the adorer and politely ask him to get on a chair.


·         Some adorers like to sit on the floor. This is OK if they are not blocking the passage


·         INFORM any inappropriate behavior to your Hourly Coordinator


·         Don’t forget to say goodbye to Jesus, the way you did coming in!




·         If no one is coming, please don’t leave Jesus alone, stay if you can.


·         If unable to stay, check the Adorers sign-in sheet and CALL THE ADORERS SCHEDULED TO COME and see if they are on their way.


·         If unable to contact them, CALL THE NEXT HOUR ADORERS to see if they can come earlier.


·         If you need to leave and the next adorer does not come, CALL in this order:


1.      Hourly Coordinator

2.      Assistant Hourly Coordinator (if any)

3.      Divisional Leader

4.      Head Coordinator

5.      Director


·         Always   REPORT  this or any other issue to your Hour Coordinator





·         Only real flowers can be left in Chapel


·         All flowers are displayed around our Blessed Mother


·         Potted Plants must have a drain dish




If it’s a last minute emergency, CALL your  HOUR COORDINATOR, his/her Assistant, or the Divisional Leader (in this order) - keep these phone numbers handy!


If you know you won’t be coming, follow these steps before calling your Hour Coordinator:


1.      Try to find a substitute: it may be a relative (husband, wife, son, daughter or other) or a friend (parishioner, neighbor), or your buddy (Buddy System). Ask him to sign for you.


2.      If you can’t find a substitute, then call other adorers that come with you to make sure that at least one will be there.


3.      After going through all the steps above call you Hour Coordinator and inform the problem. He will find a substitute or fill in for you!




If the Hour Coordinator, his/her Assistant, the Division Leader/Assistant, the Head Coordinator/Assistant AND the Director are unable to cover an Hour, the Tabernacle will be closed until the next Adorer comes!




  • When you arrive, SIGN-IN:  initial the Adorer’s Log under the proper date
  • For registered adorers who come with their families, ONLY THE MAIN ADORER should INITIAL and write down THE NUMBER OF FAMILY MEMBERS next to the initials. For example, Jane Smith coming with 3 kids would initial   JS3.
  • If you have a substitute coming in for you, ask him to initial for you. SUBSTITUTE: When called, get the day, time and name of the person you are subbing for!
  • If you come at a time other than your committed Adoration Hour, sign-in as a Visitor

 For more information contact:

Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration Ministry