Honors English 9 (P-TECH)

Please note, this assignment is only for students enrolled in the P-TECH program. If you are Honors 9 and not P-TECH, go here.

Please follow the below directions and bring all materials to the first full day of class. If you have any questions over this assignment, please contact the P-TECH English 9 teacher Mr. Ben Everson at everson_benjamin@svvsd.org.

Which is more important, safety or freedom? Will technology enslave us or set us free? Can you trust anyone over 25?

This summer, please read the novel Little Brother by Cory Doctorow. If you have not already received your paperback copy from Ms. March, you can view/download a free ebook version at the author’s website.

While you read, I want you to think about the questions I posed above. Think about how the author explores these topics using his characters and their adventures, particularly through Marcus the protagonist of the novel. As you read, copy down key lines from the book into a notebook, onto sticky notes, typed into your phone, or somewhere else convenient. Make sure to note the page number of each line you copy down.

After you read, I want you to write a detailed paragraph (more than six sentences) about what you think the purpose of the book is. Why did Doctorow write it? What was he attempting to say to you, the reader, through his novel. Choose some of your copied lines to include in your paragraph and support your answer. You may hand write or type and print this assignment, but I need a hard copy. No shared Google Docs.

You are expected to read the novel and complete the related writing assignment by the first full day of class in August, when I will collect it from you. We will use this novel to begin our study of literature and connected nonfiction.