Are you having trouble in a class? Are you a parent whose child is struggling with a certain subject? Interested in help?

Silver Creek High School has launched a program to provide free tutoring and academic mentoring services for others. 

If you are interested, please email the Tutoring Program coordinator with the following information:
- Name and phone number or email which may be used to contact you
- Subject(s) of need
- Times available for tutoring sessions

Any student who requests tutoring will be matched up with a qualified peer who has volunteered to offer tutoring. Once matched up, the two students will be given each others' contact information and will set up meetings amongst themselves. The two students will also be expected to meet with the teacher(s) of the student who is requesting tutoring. 

Students may request subject-specific help or all-around tutoring (these students will be matched with a tutor who is comfortable in many subjects). You may check the "Availability" page to see which subjects currently have available tutors. However, if there are no tutors open for your subject, don't be discouraged--let us know and we will look for new tutors in your subject of need.

In addition, students interested in offering tutoring services to others may contact the program coordinator. Any time spent tutoring may be counted as volunteer hours for National Honor Society or Silver Creek Leadership Academy, and it looks great on college applications!

If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact the program coordinator.