The Silver Creek High School Band program features a variety of ensembles, with something for every student to be involved in.  SCHS features a Concert Band, Symphonic Band, Jazz Ensemble, percussion ensemble, and small ensemble class that is taught by Mr. Legg and Mr. Trapkus.  Extracurricular opportunities within the band department include the Marching Band, Drumline, Basketball Pep Band, Madrigal Dinner, and playing in the pit orchestra for the SCHS Musical.  

A new jazz band will be available for students starting in the 2016-17 school year.  This means there are now two options for students to play in a jazz band, the SCHS Jazz Ensemble, and the auditioned Advanced Jazz Band.  

The Silver Creek Band is an integral part of the school culture at SCHS, and students perform with pride in concerts, schools events and civic events.  Come be a part of the SCHS Band Family.  

Silver Creek Organization for the Performing Arts SCOPA

All of these opportunities would not be possible if it weren't for the support of the volunteer parent organization SCOPA, and the SCOPA BINGO sessions at the Longmont Bingo Alley.  These funds raised via SCOPA Bingo are the sole source of funding for the performing arts at Silver Creek High School.  Parents, please make your family members available to volunteer to work three Bingo sessions throughout the year to ensure the amazing opportunities remain available for your students, of course you can work even more sessions if you would like to help ease the strain on the few parents who are currently working most weekends.  It is fun, and easier than you would think, and we thank you in advance!  

SCHS and AMS Performing Arts