Digital Resources

  • ReadyGEN for School Administrators: While classroom teachers are synced nightly with Pearson, principals may want to create accounts for non-classroom teachers who are not included in the sync.
  • ReadyGEN Initial Login and Setup: Before students can log in and access ReadyGEN, teachers must first assign content to the class(es).
  • Using the Pearson eText for Schools App: Some of the digital resources in ReadyGEN are Flash-based and must be accessed through the Pearson eText for Schools app instead of the browser.
  • Customizing ReadyGEN Online Assessments:  If you want to administer the modified end of unit assessments on line, you will need to create a “Customized” version on your ReadyGEN account to assign to your students.  Follow these steps to customize an assessment.
  • Accessing myON projects: There are myON project/booksets aligned to each of the ReadyGEN modules. These screenshots will help you access them.
  • Accessing the read aloud features in Pearson Realize: Text Collection and several of the leveled readers have a read aloud feature. These features can be accessed and assigned to students through Pearson Realize. Follow these step by step instructions and screenshots.

  • Troubleshooting Single Sign On: It's imperative that teachers and students begin a fresh single sign on session each time they begin to use ReadyGEN in order to avoid getting kicked out of the program and losing work. 
  • Troubleshooting ReadyGEN Assessments:  This document explains some of the common causes for students losing a response they're working on in a ReadyGEN assessment.