Olde Columbine High School Counseling Center

To learn more about our school please watch this video:

Olde Columbine High School Video

Susan Berger
is our registrar and office manager.  She has been working with the families of CDC and Olde Columbine since 2007.  Susan has the answers or can find the answers to anything related to OCHS.  Her ability to connect with students, create a welcoming environment and hold high expectations for students creates a safe educational setting.  While Sue manages all matters related to attendance, enrollment and registration, she also serves as the gatekeeper of Olde Columbine.     

Mary Kay Lucas is our full time counselor who supports students with mental health.  

Kristin Hefflon has been our full time school Counselor since 2006.  She specializes in ICAP (Individual, Career and Academic Planning) development and education by working with students on individual planning, collaborating with teachers to provide classroom lessons on career and academic planning, and taking students on field trips to explore colleges and career opportunities.  Her strength based approach to education and life-long planning helps students feel confident in finding academic success and exploring future possibilities.  Krsitin's goal for OCHS students is that upon graduation students will know the following: their own individual skills, qualities and strengths; how to apply for and interview for a job; how to apply to college and/or trade school; how to access financial aid and scholarships; and how to access trusting adults in the community who can support them after graduation.  After nearly a decade of working with Olde Columbine High School students, Kristin continues to be inspired by the students' academic awakening and courage to consider the possibilities.