Dr. Cathy Olkin
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Pluto meets Lava Lamps

We are very excited to have Dr. Olkin joining us again this year to share updates on NASA's New Horizons mission. But it's hard to match her excitement about the new discovery of convection on the glaciers! The 7 instruments on board the spacecraft were designed to give a comprehensive view of Pluto and its moons and include visible cameras, an infrared spectrometer, an ultraviolet spectrometer, a radio science experiment, a student-built dust detector and two instruments to measure the plasma environment. This planetary encounter is transforming our understanding of Pluto.

Dr. Olkin is a planetary scientist at Southwest Research Institute in Boulder Colorado and is Deputy Project Scientist on NASA’s New Horizons mission to Pluto. She studies cold, icy outer solar system bodies using infrared spectroscopy to learn about their surface composition and stellar occultations to probe their atmospheres.

Dr. Scot Rafkin
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How to live on Mars

Join Dr. Rafkin to hear how the discoveries being made by NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity and other spacecraft are laying the groundwork for the human exploration of Mars.  The primary scientific goal of the rover mission is to determine whether Mars ever had a habitable environment. As part of achieving that goal, the rover carries instrumentation measuring the weather and radiation at the surface of Mars.  These data support a secondary objective; quantifying the challenges involved in surviving on the surface of our neighbor, the Red Planet.

Dr. Rafkin is a planetary scientist and Program Director at Southwest Research Institute in Boulder, Colorado, is the Project Scientist of the Radiation Assessment Detector on NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory rover mission, and is a science team member on the rover’s Mars weather station experiment. He studies the weather and climate of atmospheres in the solar system, and is actively involved in the effort to send humans to Mars.

Bill Fairey
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Talk description is coming soon. 

Bill Fairey is President of Actelion Pharmaceuticals, US and leads Sales, Marketing, Medical and Regulatory activities in the United States. He has vast experience in pharmaceutical sales and marketing gained in a career spanning over 25 years in the Industry. Previously, he was VP of Actelion Australia Asia Pacific and prior to that President of Actelion Canada. Bill started his pharmaceutical career with Parke-Davis US, where he held various positions on the commercial side of  the business. His experience includes Cardiovascular Disesases, Pulmonary, Lysosomal disorders, as well as CNS, diabetes, and antibiotics.
Fletcher Richman
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Start a company before you're 20

Speaking from the perspective of a young entrepreneur, Mr. Richman will be speaking about his personal journey, how he wound up where he is and what sorts of resources are available to student entrepreneurs. He'll discuss this through the lens of his experience as a co-founder of companies and his current role at Galvanize - an incubator, accelerator, and community builder that believes in making education and growth accessible to anyone.

Mr. Richman currently serves as the Platform Manager for Boulder-based Galvanize Ventures, a seed-stage venture capital fund that invests in startups across the country. As a student, he co-founded Spark Boulder, a co-working space for student entrepreneurs, which was supported by many community leaders including TEDxCU. Fletcher also spent several years working as the Growth Engineer for PivotDesk, a Techstars Boulder graduate and one of Colorado’s most recognizable growing companies.

Alexandra Weiner
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Young founders making big changes

Join Ms. Weiner to learn about how she wound up where she is today -- as the youngest founder in her Techstars cohort. She will discuss how being genuinely curious has led her through her journey and how curiosity is a key ingredient to her startup's success. Sigmend.com (of which Ms. Weiner is a founder and CEO) is applying technology and a unique viewpoint toward working to reduce the human and economic costs of mental illness.

Alexandra Weiner is the CEO of Sigmend, a Denver based startup whose focus is reducing the number of DALYs (Disability-Adjusted Life Years) that are lost to mental illness. They are partnering with companies who want to increase the mental health of their employee's. Sigmend is one of the less than 1% of startups to be accepted to the Techstars Accelerator, a nationally ranked startup program. Alexandra graduated from Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Greg/Jill Henderson
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Arx Pax Hover Technology

The Henderson's will be joining us remotely again this year for another glimpse inside the headquarters at Arx Pax. They are continuing to develop their patented SAFE Building System, leveraging their Hover Engine™ technology, on a large scale in areas subject to floods, earthquakes and rising sea levels. Arx Pax originally introduced the Hendo Hoverboard as a proof of concept for the SAFE building system, winning them “Invention of the Year” in the 2014 TIME Magazine Genius edition.

For over 20 years Greg Henderson spent his time learning and developing the SAFE Building system™.  Building responsibly, sustainably and safely has always been Greg’s driving force. He leads with a unique blend of experience, skill, and leadership, from West Point Army Ranger to UC Berkeley licensed architect.  He is also a builder and an inventor of numerous patents. With his wife and Co-founder, Jill Henderson, Arx Pax has built a transparent culture aspiring to be humble, wise, passionate, and kind.  The team is a group of high quality people with high integrity, talent, and a drive to contribute to the greater good. 

Ann Yang
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Fast Company

Ann Yang will speak about what it's like to start a company as a full- time college student, the importance of community building and mentorship and purpose-driven organizations. She will speak about the intersection of food, labor and climate change in social enterprise. She will also share the many times she has failed in the process, and what she has learned from an environment that encourages making mistakes quickly.

Ann Yang is the co-founder of MISFIT Juicery, a Niwot High School alum, and sometimes writes about herself in the third person. MISFIT is a social enterprise that takes fruits and vegetables that are the wrong size, shape or color to be commercially sold and turns them into cold-pressed juice. She started the business as a college student at Georgetown University with her best friend Phil Wong. A year later, MISFIT can now be found in 47 wholesale accounts in the DC area. MISFIT has been featured in The Washington Post, Inc. Magazine, Seventeen Magazine and Eating Well. MISFIT has also created partnerships with Baldor Specialty Foods, National Geographic, DC Central Kitchen and Jubilee Jobs. She is a Gates Millennium Scholar and calls Boulder, Colorado her hometown.