FOE Syllabus

Erie High School

Foundations of English:  Course Description


Instructor:  Carrie Mitchell


This class is a designed for students who have completed their required English courses through English 11B, or equivalent (AP Language and Composition, for example) and have an interest in learning more about the English language – its grammar, history, vocabulary and more.  Students will engage in a variety of projects and activities, both individual and group, to examine such topics/subjects as


      • Word etymologies/histories
      • Greek and Latin root words
      • Suffixes and prefixes
      • Phonetic pronunciation
      • Language development and history
      • Basic linguistic concepts
      • Grammar and sentence structure


Students will primarily us the textbook English Words from Latin and Greek Elements by Ayers and will need a good college dictionary with etymologies or have access to online.


Absences, both excused and unexcused, may have a negative effect on students’ grades and should therefore be avoided. Students who must miss class should see me before the next class meeting to get caught up.  Tardies result in a loss of five points per day.


Grades are available online for both parents and students on Infinite Campus.  I will update grades at least once a week. Please email me at the address above if you have questions or concerns about grades.


Homework can be expected after each class.   Tests, quizzes and other assessments are given periodically to monitor student progress. 


Students who fall behind on classwork or homework assignments will be referred to the school’s Homework Club to get caught up and those who miss tests/quizzes will be referred there to do makeups.


Students are encouraged to get extra help from me as needed.  I am often available before and after school and lunches.


The best way to reach me is through the email address above.  The best way to find out what happens in class is to visit my website at or by going to and finding it under Academics/English/Carrie Mitchell.  The site includes a daily agenda and the homework for the day and so much more! 


I’m looking forward to a great semester!


Please review this information with your parent/guardian and print it out and save it for your records. 



Carrie Mitchell

Jan 3, 2012, 12:21 PM