Like UFO stories?  Read below. :)

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I Told You I Saw a UFO!
This is the third time I have seen weird things driving to school early in the morning. Well, I am driving, not the weird things - because they are FLYING - as in UFOs.  Mostly, I just chalk it up to being tired, but finally I got proof yesterday when I saw this article  (UFO Article!) tweeted out (yes, follow me @CQMFunWorld for an occasional retweet).  The pictures don't do it justice at all - it looked to me like a very bright airplane flying close overhead with a fiery emission from its tail end.  Then, it just disappeared.  Verrrry strange!  If I had only gotten a video of it - but then I would have probably driven off the road in doing so. Ah well...the image of if is still etched in my head at least and thankfully, others saw it too, so I am not slipping off the deep end...yet. ;)

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