My New Fav-O Animal:
The Doguin
Thanks, Coltuin. :)

Block 1 - AP Language and Composition
Block 2 - AP Language and Composition
Block 3 - English 9B Honors
Block 4 - Planning

Block 5 - Foundations of English
Block 6 - AP Language and Composition
Block 7 - Planning
Block 8 - Film Studies

Reversion to Childhood...
Typically, this time of year, seniors begin to act...a little weird.  For most of the year, they've been pretty much their typical too-cool-for-schooly, eye-rolling selves...but in the last couple of days, there has been a subtle shift, that will only start to get more pronounced as May 23 draws nearer.  I think that the reality of leaving the comfort, the security, the space of what you know for the relative unknown of the future (without bells telling you to come and go, without people like me giving you permission to go to the bathroom) creates a sensation of wanting to return to childhood and this manifests itself as an unusual clinginess, a new softness and sweetness, a slight look of terror in the eyes that cast uneasy glances toward the day after graduation.  It's a 'what now'  or 'what next' kind of feeling that tends to create this, I suppose, but it's inevitable and happens every spring...

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