Bullying is defined as REPEATED harm to a person either physically (i.e. hitting, pushing, punching, etc.), mentally (i.e. name calling, teasing, spreading rumors, etc.) or both.

What can you do if you are being bullied?


STOP- Tell the bully to stop by using an "I Message" or telling him or her to stop assertively. This is a way of standing up for yourself.

WALK- If you have told the bully to stop and he or she doesn't then walk away!

TALK- If you walk away and the bully follows tell a trusted adult (i.e. parent, teacher, counselor, principal, etc. ) If the bullying continues tell the same adult again or another adult. Keep talking until the bullying stops!

Safe 2 Tell- An Anonymous hotline where bullying can be reported and will be looked into. 1-877-542-SAFE or safe2tell.org