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Create a Garden

Grow Something! And add some creativity to make a beautiful space outside of your school building
  • vegetable garden
  • sensory garden
  • butterfly garden
  • create colorful tags to identify the different plants  
Make a Recipe Book
  • compile recipes to use all of those yummy vegetables you have planted from seed, nurtured with care, and harvested
  • utilize some of the recipes from "The Lunchbox" by Chef Ann Cooper; The Lunchbox Recipes

See what Red Hawk Elementary is doing with their Butterfly, Vegetable, and Sensory Gardens using mostly Colorado native plants!

"...the Delicious Revolution.  When the hearts and minds of our children are captured by a school lunch curriculum, enriched with experience in the garden, sustainability will become the lens through which they see the world." 

-Alice Waters

See what other schools are doing around the country;