Real-time electricity monitors

As of June, 2015, the District installed eGauge monitors at each and every school as well as at our administrative buildings! That means that electricity consumption can be viewed in real-time via the below links for all sites throughout the District. It's an amazing educational tool and also helps us reduce our electricity usage which saves money on our utility bills. This money can then be better used for educational purposes and facility modifications.

Thank you especially to District Electricians, DTS and other important staff for their tremendous help in making this happen!

Thanks to eGauge and their generous contributions to ReNew Our Schools, SVVSD had a significant jump-start in securing monitors and purchased devices for the remaining sites. eGauge is a web-based electric energy and power meter that can measure and record whole-building consumption, solar, wind, and other renewable electricity generation, measure consumption of individual loads, such as appliances or the consumption of geothermal system pumps and backup heaters, giving students a sense of the loads used by their schools. The data can be viewed on any web-enabled device through the built-in web-server. The display is updated every second, giving immediate feedback on any load or generation changes. 

Thank you also to Magnlelab for donating equipment necessary to hook up the eGauge monitors. Magnelab is the manufacturer of current transformers and transducers. These Rogowski coils are manufactured locally in Longmont and allow for accurate depictions of the amount of electricity used at each school and on each circuit branch. For more information, check out Magnelab's website.

Elementary Schools:  
Alpine Elementary 
Black Rock Elementary
Blue Mountain Elementary
Burlington Elementary
Centennial Elementary 
Central Elementary 
Columbine Elementary
Eagle Crest Elementary 
Erie Elementary 
Fall River Elementary 
Hygiene Elementary
Indian Peaks Elementary
Legacy Elementary
Longmont Estates Elementary 
Lyons Elementary 
Mead Elementary 
Mountain View Elementary
Niwot Elementary
Northridge Elementary 
Prairie Ridge Elementary 
Red Hawk Elementary 
Rocky Mountain Elementary
Sanborn Elementary
Spark Pre-K
Middle Schools:  
Altona Middle School 
Coal Ridge Middle School 
Erie Middle
Longs Peak Midde
Lyons Middle Senior 
Mead Middle
Sunset Middle School 
Thunder Valley K-8 
Timberline K-8 
Trail Ridge Middle School 
Westview Middle School
High Schools:  
Erie High School
Frederick High
Longmont High School
Mead High School
Niwot High
Silver Creek High School
Skyline High School
Administrative Buildings:  
Clover Basin DTS
Career Development Center
Educational Services Center
Learning Services Center
Lashley Building
Main Street School