Electric Vehicle Charging Stations & Electric Vehicles

In August, 2016, SVVSD’s Energy & Sustainability Department was awarded a grant by the Regional Air Quality Council to install electric vehicle charging stations and purchase two electric vehicles. The district applied for the grant in order to help reduce harmful pollutants in our community. The charging stations also add to a growing network which makes it possible to own an electric vehicle throughout the Front Range. We welcome your feedback and suggestions as we evaluate this project and expand!

Stations have been installed at the following locations:

Two Nissan Leafs have been purchased for shared use by Operations.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are the charging stations free to use?

No. The district is providing the charging stations as a service for members of our community, visitors and staff. Currently, we have set a price of $0.10 per kWh. There are no additional fees at this time.

How did you come up with the pricing?

The pricing reflects a number of variables, with the intention to break even. The cost includes:

  • Energy rate
  • Peak charge
  • Administrative fees
  • Network fees

What’s the objective of the electric vehicle and charging stations project?

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly prevalent and are an effective way to reduce vehicle pollution in our neighborhoods. We believe this is a small step in achieving cleaner air for our students and families. The project aims to reduce emissions of our district community and allow for those with electric vehicles to operate throughout our school system.

How long can an electric vehicle park in one spot?

We ask that cars limit total time charging and parked in a spot to a maximum of 4 hours or only when actively charging. Our goal is to make the spots available to as many potential users as possible.

How were the stations and the electric vehicles paid for?

The Energy & Sustainability Department received a grant from the Regional Air Quality Council which significantly subsidized the cost of 2 electric vehicles and 7 charging stations.

What are future plans for expanding the program?

We have applied to the next round of RAQC funding and hope to install charging stations at more sites. We have also applied for four additional electric vehicles for the district fleet.

Can anyone drive the electric vehicles?

Our vision is to make the vehicles available to as many employees as possible. At this time, only qualified staff may utilize the two Nissan Leafs. It’s important that users receive proper training and are fully aware of the responsibilities involved in driving an electric vehicle.

Where are the electric vehicle charging stations?

Installed stations are up and running at the Educational Services Center, Niwot High, East Bus Terminal, and Niwot Elementary. Additional stations will be installed at Mead High, the new Innovation Center, the new Erie elementary school, and the new Erie K8. Based on feedback, funding and feasibility, we will consider installing stations at other sites.