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ReNew Our Schools

To read about the award money use for the 2011, 2013, and 2014 competitions, click HERE

ReNew Our Schools Competition 2015 

The Spring 2015 competition has come to an end and the winners have been determined!

Elementary Winners:

Top Performer: Mountain View ($20,000)
Runner Up: Rocky Mountain ($15,000)
2nd Runner Up: Mead Elementary ($10,000)
3rd Runner Up: Burlington ($1,000)

Secondary Winners:

Never before did we experience such a neck and neck race. Longs Peak and Sunset came in only 0.78% apart. Because this is too close to call, we have decided on a tie for Top Performer. The energy budget has recently received rebate funds and I will contribute some of that to allow for two Top Performers.

Top Performer: Sunset ($20,000)
Top Performer: Longs Peak ($20,000)
2nd Runner Up: Mead High ($10,000)
3rd Runner Up: Erie High ($1,000)

View the ReNew Our Schools Selection announcement HERE.

Other important documents for the competition:

SVVSD Do & Don't

SVVSD Orientation Presentation

Mentor Assignments & Contact Information

Materials to download:

Kill-A-Watt Lesson Plan

eGauge Lesson Plan

School Audit form

Table Tents

Using a Light Meter Lesson Plan

Quick Links:

Home Energy Action

School Energy Action categories

School Measured Savings (scroll down for the link to each school's individual dashboard - you can view progress in energy savings, the SEA and the HEA)

Spring 2015 ReNew Our Schools participants:
  1. Alpine Elementary
  2. Blue Mountain Elementary
  3. Burlington Elementary 
  4. Erie High
  5. Longs Peak Middle
  6. Mead Elementary
  7. Mead High 
  8. Mountain View Elementary
  9. Rocky Mountain Elementary
  10. Sunset Middle 
  11. Thunder Valley K-8
  12. Trail Ridge Middle
Click HERE to view live eGauge data.

The Spring 2014 competition has come to an end and the winners have been determined!

The two elementary school winners of $20,000 each:
Eagle Crest

The secondary school winner of $20,000:

The runner ups who will receive $1,000 each for energy and sustainability toolkits and/or classroom materials:
Fall River
Red Hawk
Thunder Valley

CONGRATULATIONS! Nicely done and thank you to all the schools that participated. Everyone saved energy and engaged their community in this important journey!

A heartfelt thank you to the teachers who led the charge, the support and dedication of the principals and custodians and the amazing mentors who provided guidance and expertise. Most importantly, the students worked so hard, passionately and creatively to make a difference and it was certainly visible in more ways than we can count. 

Thank you and keep on conserving!

St. Vrain Valley School District, in partnership with the Center for ReSource Conservation selected 12 schools for the Spring 2014 ReNew Our Schools Competition. Help your school win up to $20,000 towards an energy efficiency or alternative energy upgrade!

The official flyer can be found here.

Center for Resource Conservation hosts up to date competition details and school progress:

The competition runs January 27, 2014 – February 21, 2014

Spring 2014 ReNew Our Schools participants:
  1. Timberline 
  2. Thunder Valley
  3. Westview Middle
  4. Lyons Middle Senior
  5. Fall River
  6. Central
  7. Eagle Crest
  8. Prairie Ridge
  9.  Red Hawk
  10.  Burlington
  11. Centennial
  12. Lyons Elementary


Erie Elementary

Sunset Middle 

Erie High School

Each school will receive $25,000 to implement an alternative energy upgrade. Stay tuned for details of those projects and the 'Flip the Switch' events to take place Fall 2013. 

It was a close, exciting competition.  We are impressed and proud of each school for their hard work. Students, teachers and staff learned so much about conserving energy in their schools and homes.  

Due to the incredible effort of those schools who came in second place in their cohorts, the District has decided to award each of them $1,000 to purchase energy-related classroom materials!

Congratulations to Alpine Elementary, Altona Middle, and Mead High School!

Click here to view videos and more!


Dara Ward, Energy & Sustainability Manager, 

Kathy Croasdale, ReNew Our Schools, 

Thanks to our incredible sponsors and mentors for making this competition possible! 

2013 ReNew Our Schools participants:

  1. Skyline HS     
  2. Trail Ridge MS 
  3. Longmont HS
  4. Sunset MS 
  5. Silver Creek HS 
  6. Alpine ES 
  7. Mead HS
  8. Longmont Estates ES 
  9. Erie HS
  10. Mead ES
  11. Coal Ridge MS
  12. Northridge ES
  13. Altona MS 
  14. Erie ES

Below is an example of the eGauge through which students can see their school's progress through a real-time monitoring system;

Feb 19, 2013, 9:32 AM