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ESP Spring 2014 Newsletter

ESP Fall 2013 Newsletter

SVVSD Achievements

Finds Savings Through Building Tune-ups 
at Fall River and Northridge Elementary Schools

“Building tune-ups not only reduce District utility bills and energy/water consumption, but they provide staff with a better understanding of what we’re doing right and areas for improvement from an operations standpoint.” 
-Dara Ward, Energy and Sustainability Program Manager
Better Building Performance that Can Be Replicated 
Total cost for tune-ups: $8,600 
Estimated Annual Savings: $5,900 
  • 14,400 electricity (kWh) 
  • 7,400 natural gas (therms) 
  • 74,000 water (gallons) 
  • 51 tons of CO2
Not only do students and teachers work better in comfortable buildings
, but when the District spends less to maintain this level of comfort, more resources are freed up for the main mission of serving student educational needs. As a result of tune-up efforts, the District will experience reduced water use in restrooms and expects that indoor air comfort will be more effectively and efficiently achieved through proper outside air flow. 

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Jan 24, 2013, 10:39 AM