Resource-Wise Award Money Ideas

Award money must be used for school energy efficiency upgrades or classroom materials, tool-kits, field trips, professional development or supplies related to energy, sustainability, or the environment. Funds are earned for November, February, March and April through electricity savings. Schools can also earn additional funds by completing Matrix projects. The award money will be deposited into school general fund accounts in the summer for use during the next academic year.

Funds have been used for a wide variety of appropriate purposes and include (but are not limited to) the following:
  • Lighting motion sensors
  • Environmental education field trips (such as Eco-Cycle, Thorne, Cal-wood)
  • LED light bulbs
  • Smart plug strips/surge protectors for plugging in and managing appliances and equipment
  • Materials and/or swag for Green Teams
  • Vending misers to reduce energy consumption of vending machines
  • Weather stripping for windows and doors
  • Workshops or training for teachers, staff and/or students around energy, environmental or sustainability education and skill building
  • Bins for recycling or composting and/or compostable or durable products for school use (to replace disposable products i.e. purchasing reusable plates and cups to replace plastic or Styrofoam ones). 
  • Science kits (examples include wind demonstration or solar panel modeling)