2014-2015 ECI Pilot

Three schools, Mead Elementary, Alpine Elementary and Sunset Middle have been selected to participate in the Energy Conservation Implementation (ECI) pilot! The program aims to conserve energy through creative ideas and behavior change.  AND Colorado State University is partnering with us to develop the program and help us measure success.

Reducing energy consumption leads to many improvements such as healthier air, enhanced visual comfort, greater productivity, less strain on our environment, less pollution and adverse health impacts, increased food security, and lots more. Safeguarding our natural resources means a good quality of life now and into the future.

Participating schools will start a Green Team and take on critical roles to conserve energy throughout the school. This includes spreading the word and engaging the community through social media, technology, arts and sciences, announcements, videos, blogs, checklists, and more! Schools will conduct a thorough energy audit to uncover all the ways to reduce energy consumption. Colorado State University will assist the students and teachers in mapping out a plan and developing a social science behavior model that aligns with the culture of the school.

Schools will leverage eGauge monitors to view real-time electricity consumption. These units are a fantastic educational tool and a useful mechanism to gage progress.

Mead: http://SV-Mead-E.egaug.es/

Alpine: http://SV-Alpin-E.egaug.es/

Sunset: http://SV-Sunse-M.egaug.es/

Get involved and help us champion this program! Being part of the solution benefits our school and community.

The ECI Dashboards are LIVE! CHECK out the progress during the month of November, 2014 and for the spring 2015:

Alpine Elementary | Cube Resources


Mead Elementary | Cube Resources


Sunset Middle School | Cube Resources


For the month of November, ramp up those energy savings as much as possible. What the pilot schools save over the month-long exercise will actually translate into money back to the school. We will examine the results at our December meeting and come up with the details.