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The Energy & Sustainability Program (ESP) 

aims to identify and implement energy efficiency and sustainability initiatives that benefit and educate the St. Vrain Valley School community at large. 

Our objective is to reduce costs, conserve our natural resources, and engage deeper with our community. 

ESP's Objective:

1.  Align & centralize initiatives and efforts
2.  Create a shared vision & prioritize
3.  Identify Energy & Sustainability Champions
4.  Disseminate best practices

5.  Evaluate progress and adapt accordingly

ESP will add VALUE to the well-being of:

Our People, Our Planet and Our Schools’ Economic Stability.

Let’s build a foundation that will persist and grow...


Numerous staff members as well as external partners contribute to the success of this Department and the effectiveness of the ESP depends on the expertise and effort of these individuals. 

Specifically, ESP will evaluate our current energy consumption levels, and, whenever possible, will suggest energy reduction initiatives that improve performance while increasing awareness and training among students, staff, and teachers. The Department partners with utilities and other providers to take advantage of grants, rebates, incentives, educational programs and training opportunities. 

ESP is also responsible for facility audits, benchmarking, and establishing short, medium and long-term goals as well as ensuring that commodity purchases are efficient and in line with the mission, vision and values of the District. 

ESP’s goals are segmented into four focus areas: Green Buildings, Energy & Environmental Education, Resource Conservation, and Waste & Material Flows.




Tell me, I'll forget.

Show me, I may remember.

But involve me and I'll understand.

- Chinese Proverb


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