Welcome to the FHS Library

Library Hours:  7 AM-2:30 PM Monday, Wednesday and Friday
                         7 AM-3:45 PM Tuesday and Thursday
Warrior Time:   2:45 PM-3:45 PM  Tuesday and Thursday     Tutoring is available for all subject areas.
Writing Lab:    All day Monday through Friday until the library closes, ask for Mrs. Blanken.  

Teen Nightmare Narrative: Writing Contest-Write a horror story and submit to sullivanblan_michele@svvsd.org
Due October 25 by 5 pm. 

Our school goal is to read 500 books by the end of the year. Let's do this!


The St. Vrain Valley Digital Library

Log in with your school credentials to access some great books.

Click on the Follett and Mackin shelves to see the great ebooks that we have.

Library Mission Statement

Our goal is for the FHS library to be a place where students love to be because they feel empowered to learn, inquire, and find joy within the pages of a book. We want to give students the skills they will need to access information with a critical eye and with ethical motives and outcomes. We want to move students from textual literacy to also include digital, visual and technological literacy. We want students to feel safe to ask questions, form opinions, and create new knowledge from what they’ve learned. In essence, we want the students of the FHS library to become lifelong lovers of learning and reading.  We want the FHS library to provide the opportunity for all students to fulfill the promise of their future.

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