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Why READ Picture Books?
The whole family can enjoy a great book.
 Most Picture books are written at the 3rd through 5th grade reading level!  So,Picture books are terrific for building  vocabulary, comprehension and visual literacy. And, all picture books can be "read" from the pictures. Try it!

 During reading: point out details, make predictions before you turn the page. Were you right?

After reading one with your child, try these questions:
Who is the main character?
What happened in the beginning, middle, and end?
What was the problem? Solution?
Then go back and look for amazing details.

Our One day fair was a HUGE success. We sold almost 100 copies of the new
Diary of a Wimpy Kids, as well as many other great titles. We earned almost $2000 in books and cash, PLUS an 10% bonus on our huge fair . Thank you for your support of the Library!




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