Guidelines & Procedures

U.S. History, World History, Psychology & Criminal Justice




MATERIALS: Students should come to class EVERY DAY with the proper materials needed for that day.  A notice will be placed on the board to indicate if anything extra is needed.  TEXTBOOKS will be available as an in-class set - you will be assigned a book number to use throughout the school year.  You are welcome to check a textbook out from the library to take home and complete work. 

 MATERIALS NEEDED: Textbooks, planner, notebook, pencil or pen (blue or black ink only).  Other materials may be necessary depending on projects throughout the school year.  TEXTBOOKS MAY BE USED IN CLASS EVERYDAY!  Make sure your assigned Textbook is returned to the proper shelf after every use for the next class 

HOMEWORK & TESTS: Dates for tests will be posted on the board well in advance (typically one week or more).  Students will add these to their planners as necessary

ABSENCES: Make up work due to an EXCUSED absence, THIS INCLUDES THOSE ABSENCES FOR SVHS SPORTING EVENTS, will be completed in a length of time in direct correlation to the number of days missed.  It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY as a student to collect your work either before, or the day you return.  An UNEXCUSED absence does not qualify a student to make up any work missed.  SUSPENSION FROM SCHOOL DOES NOT QUALIFY ANY STUDENT TO MAKE UP ANY WORK MISSED!  

TESTS & EXAMS: An absence the day before exam, THIS ALSO INCLUDES THOSE ABSENCES FOR SVHS SPORTING EVENTS, DOES NOT excuse the student from the exam.  An absence the day of the exam will result in the student completing the test/exam upon return (exception is an extended excused absence prior to the exam).  Make up tests will vary from the original test. 

MAKE UP WORK: If an in-class assignment was missed, an alternative assignment (worth the same amount of points) will be given for the student to complete on his or her own.  Work not turned in due to an absence must be turned in the first day that the student returns to school. 

LATE WORK: Work that a student FORGOT TO COMPLETE, BRING TO SCHOOL OR NEGLECTED TO COMPLETE is not considered make up work, it is instead considered to be LATE.  Any late work turned in will have 20 percentage points taken off the score earned.  WORK WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED IF IT IS MORE THAN ONE DAY LATE!  The same rules apply to make up work, tests & exams to be done/turned in past the respective deadlines. 

WEDNESDAYS: Wednesdays will be used for assorted classroom work and activities 

ASSIGNMENTS: Students will used standard notebook paper.  Spiral notebook paper will be accepted if it is trimmed neatly, NO "spiral fur." Proper headings will be necessary to have an assignment graded.  The heading will be placed in the upper right corner of the paper with the student's name, date, and period number.  When notes are collected they must be organized and in order according to when the material was discussed in class.  If notes are not organized in order, and stapled together then they WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED OR GRADED! 

Will be available by appointment after school 



                                                                PUT YOUR PHONES AWAY!

Electronic devices (this includes phones) are not permitted to be used in this classroom without permission, and that permission will be rarely granted for classroom activities (Mr. Tanis is the only one to give out this permission) 

All phones are to be out of sight at ALL times per SVHS campus rules.  If a phone (or other electronic device) is out during class for any reason, you will be sent to the office and receive an ODR.  You will also lose 10 participation points for the day.  If you are working on an assignment, you will lose 50% on that assignment.  If you are taking a test, you will lose 100% on that test. 

Students will raise their hand to talk or ask a question.  Please refrain from talking when the teacher or a fellow classmate is talking.  ONE PERSON TALKS AT A TIME! 

Students will stay seated unless given permission from teacher to move.  Students will not get out of seat to throw paper away, sharpen a pencil, or to do anything that will cause a disruption without first asking permission

Students will be in their seat and ready to begin class by the time the late bell rings.

Students will be respectful to the classroom and ALL items in the room.  This includes items belonging to their peers.  Get permission to touch anything that does not belong to you! 

    Talking is NOT permitted during tests or quizzes (this will be viewed as cheating and all participants will receive a zero).  Low level talking will be permitted when necessary (i.e. group projects or class discussions). 
    Sleeping (or the appearance of sleeping) will not be tolerated in the classroom If you are sleeping or have the appearance of sleeping you will lose 10 participation points for the day

    Hats may be worn (as a privilege) in class except during tests.  Hats must be worn correctly (frontwards, not backwards or sideways), if you choose to wear your hat incorrectly.  YOU will lose the privilege.  If hats are worn to hide eyes in order to sleep, YOU will lose the privilege.  If hats become a distraction or disruption to the learning process in this classroom, THE ENTIRE CLASS will lose the privilege. 
    NO food, or drinks will be permitted in the classroom; WATER will be the only exception.
    Students will be permitted to use the restroom if it is an emergency, otherwise please use the restroom during passing period.  Five minutes is allotted for the restroom pass.  Passes for the restroom will not be issued during the first or last ten minutes of class.  If restroom use is abused, then the privilege is lost.
    The bell DOES NOT dismiss!  I will dismiss from class.  The area where seated will be clean before anyone is allowed to exit the classroom.
    Please treat all adults that enter the classroom with the utmost respect.  This is especially important if I am absent from class.  If I am absent and there is a substitute and a students name is written down, that student will receive TWO after school detentions or current equivalent disciplinary action. 
    Crude, vulgar, derogatory language will not be tolerated.
    Students will have classwork/homework ready to turn in at beginning of class.
    All assignments are graded equally.  Tests/exams, quizzes & projects will have a greater weight upon the grade.  All assignments, tests/exams, quizzes, etc.  are equally important.