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Integrated Mathematics 1

Course description:  This course is an introduction to basic Algebra and Geometry concepts. 

This course is aligned with Common Core State Standards in Integrated Mathematics 1 and will cover much material that students must know to pass the California High School Exit Exam.  Visit the California Department of Education website  http://www.cde.ca.gov/re/cc/ for more information about specific standards.  

Prerequisite:  general 8th grade math or equivalent

Book:  CC Integrated 1Core Connections Integrated I by College Preparatory Mathematics (CPM).     Visit the CPM website http://www.cpm.org/ for student support, including homework help, and parent support. Be sure to choose the correct book.


Required student materials: 

    -Notebook or three ring binder

    - Paper (graph paper or lined notebook paper)

    - Pencil and eraser

Optional Materials

    -          Colored pencils, pens or highlighters

    -          Ruler and protractor 

    -          Graphing calculator (Texas Instruments 83/84 is the brand used by the school) or Scientific Calculator


See below for assignment sheets and 
other documents to download.  The assignment sheets have the homework and classwork assignments for two week periods.

Grading Policy

Grades will be weighted as follows:

                                50% Individual Tests

                                15% Team Tests

                                10% Assignments

                                10% Quizzes

                                15% Final Exam        


Follow this link if you need information about a weighted grading systems. Weighted Grades Explained/Weighted Grades Calculator 

Individual Tests – These will be given for each chapter (about 6 per semester).  CPM tests are cumulative in nature with the idea that mastery of the material takes time.  This being said, the majority of each test will be review material.  Less than half of each test will be material from the current chapter.  If a student misses an individual test, they may make it up after school during tutoring.

 Team Tests – These will also be assigned after each chapter.  These tests are designed to be completed as a team, with multi-step problems that require collaboration.  Because of the nature of these tests, they are not available to re-take or make-up.  To compensate for this, the lowest team test score will be dropped at the end of the semester.

 Assignments – Students will be given assignments on a daily basis with both classwork and homework.  They will receive an assignment sheet with a planner calendar and assignment list approximately once every two weeks.  It is important that this document not get lost because scores will be lost as well.  This document also requires a parent/guardian signature to keep up communication between school and home.  The following rubric will be used to assign points. 





Completed on time and mostly correct


Completed one day late, but mostly correct (extended absences are special cases)


More than one day late or obvious academic dishonesty


Grades will be determined by the standard scale:          

     90-100% = A-   to  A+ range

     80-89%  = B-   to   B+ range                                                                

     70-79%  = C-   to  C+ range

     60-69%  = D-   to   D  range

     0-59%  = F

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