Community Vision for Technology
We believe that our educational environment must include the use 
of computer-related technology to empower students, staff, and 
community members to succeed in the information age. 
Technology will build the bridges that support lifelong learning 
from the beginning of school to community educational 
opportunities for senior citizens. These opportunities must 
transcend any age, gender or socio-economic status and be 
equitably presented to all.

Technology Plan                                                                Technology Policies                                                            Other Technology Forms

Technology Staff
Tom Toner - IT Director
Diane Carrillo - Chelsea Integrator
Josh Brady - Palermo Integrator
Clarissa Howard - Whitefield Integrator
Alida Ciampa - Windsor Integrator
Tricia Bursey - Wiscasset Middle Integrator
Christina McCue - Wiscasset Primary Integrator
Thomas Steele-Maley - Wiscasset High Integrator