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Project Reach Specialist:  Jason Drake

Project Reach was created in 1995 to inspire middle school students in Maine. Project Reach partners with public middle schools to offer students an experiential-based curriculum that increases motivation and teaches real-world skills necessary for academic and career success. The program is offered to students in grades 6-9, and combines classroom learning, leadership development, and organized community service learning.


Leadership Education Conference:

   LEC is a program  located at Pine Tree Camp in Rome, Maine attended by 7 members of the Reach Council in order to gain leadership skills maximizing their effectiveness as officers during the time they serve on the Reach Council.

  The premise of the program revolves around effective communication, group interaction, organization, marketing strategies, and brainstorming.   All students will be involved with goal-oriented activities that require cooperation, flexibility, adaptability and accountability.  The students will join adult volunteers who will facilitate workshops that will test each group’s ability in the various skills mentioned above.  The students will work primarily within their school groups but will have time to mingle and socialize with other Reach Council officers from other sites in order to gain a broader perspective of what challenges and goals they will tackle throughout the current school year.

Urban Adventure: 

Urban Adventure is a learning experience about the culture of an urban environment and the skills needed to succeed there.  The scavenger hunt gives students the opportunity to maneuver their way around downtown Portland, learning where to get job applications, find apartment rental information, seek local resources, and more.  There will also be seminars about interviewing for jobs and writing resumes. Unum has been gracious to sponsor this event for the past 3 years, providing the students with a business connection in the greater Portland area.  

Camp Jordan: This overnight experience will allow opportunities for the students to improve their communication, teambuilding, problem solving, and leadership skills through various hands-on activities and the use of the low and high ropes course at Camp Jordan.  The students will be interacting with other Project Reach students from various sites throughout the state of Maine.  We hope that these interactions with students from various cultural and geographical backgrounds will help expand their minds and awareness of the wide range of diversity within our state.

   The students also gain academically from the incentive to attend this trip.  Many students in the past have worked especially hard on their academics to remain eligible to attend this experience.  There are both behavioral and academic expectations andthose who do not meet those expectations do not attend.  

        Finally, the follow-up aspect of this program is the reflection piece. The students will do various exercises in journal writing to record their thoughts and feelings about the trip.  Continued communication with the students they met on the trip tends to be a point of interest among students who attended as well. This communication is encouraged through letter writing assignments.