Dear Sheepscot Valley RSU 12 Community,

I would like to share with you my values and commitments as Superintendent of Sheepscot Valley RSU 12. It is my firm belief that our students are the most important people in our schools. This belief influences my decisions every day. I am committed to working with staff, the school board, and community members to ensure that our schools provide an equitable, top-notch education for all SVRSU 12 students. I believe each child has the right to a comprehensive, rigorous, and engaging curriculum that enables them to find success in their own way and at their own pace. It is our duty and responsibility to help our students learn and grow through experiences that consistently engage and challenge them to do their very best, so that one day they will graduate from high school with the skills necessary to pursue and achieve their dreams. 
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I believe in growing and nurturing a community of learners. This applies not only to our students, but to our administrators, educators, and staff. It is imperative that we provide access to quality staff development opportunities so that we may continually cultivate expertise, nurture skills, and develop leadership capacity. An educational organization should always strive to find new ways to be efficient, improve its processes, and enhance open communication among all members. Staff and the community should be encouraged to reflect, question, and explore innovative possibilities, as well as model behaviors that are indicative of an educational organization that embraces the value of lifelong learning. Challenges that emerge will not be solved by a select few. Administrators, educators, staff, school board, and community members will need to collaborate effectively to find solutions to problems.