SVIC INDIA has business analysts and developers who can design a system that is easy to use, cost effective and strategically advantageous to them.  We pride ourselves on being responsive to the needs of our customers and producing innovative solutions that stand the test of time.  Our developers are fluent in both web and windows development using industry standards to ensure a quality product. 

If you are struggling to find an off-the-shelf product that will work in your particular situation, then contact us for a solution that will help your staff be more productive.

Software designed to solve your problems in your way, ensuring a perfect fit for your organization.


Custom Software Types!

Multi Door Application – Under Local Area Network or Internet

Server for storage, administrate and monitor – Administrator Group

Clients/Groups connect to the server (up to 20 employee workplaces in a group) based on their work types!

Each workplace will have limited permissions as per the work type specifications!


Single Door Application-

For small organizations or Individual Personalities, everything can be accomplished your tasks with single PC.

Application Software Features!

1.      User-friendly-interface

2.      User password security

3.      Pictorial with charts

4.      Social Network Integration

5.      Photo capture from web camera or scanner

6.      Professional stunning auto generated reports

7.      Communication with SMS Gateway or Email

8.      Backup able Database

9.      No need third party tools to work with application

10.  No Hassle installation

11.  High Security for your DATABASE   




Pricing will not be sure because depth of the application shall decide!

Any have prices begin with a very less and worthy.


Single door application starts from: $3000 USD to $10000 USD.

Multi door application starts from: $5000 USD to $100000 USD.


For Organization Types-

We develop for most of all type of organizations or tasks, as some of below.

1.      Educational Organizations like, Schools, Collages, Institutes and Universities.

2.      Hospitals

3.      Factories

4.      Financial or Loan Companies

5.      Automobile Showrooms

6.      Hotels or food companies

7.      Electronic Showrooms

8.      Supermarkets or General Stores

9.      Smart Homes

10.  Smart People


For Individual Types-

We also develop software applications for any individuals, some as below.

 Tutors, Teachers, Lectures, Professors and Mentors
 Managers, Team Leaders, Directors, CEO
 Engineers, Doctors, Politian, Player, Actors

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