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eLibrary Server 2013 Coming soon!

posted Sep 19, 2013, 6:28 AM by Somannagari Venugopal   [ updated Sep 19, 2013, 6:32 AM ]
eLibrary Server 2013 and eLibrary Client 2013 releasing on November 2013!

Create eLibrary and make it to share by your clients over network or internet!
eLibrary Server 2013 is a single-source eLibrary authoring and sharing over network environment for both single and multi-author editing.
Designed to share eBooks/Tutorials/Music/Video by clients over network or internet. Using eLibrary Client 2013 (freeware) your clients can connect to eLibrary server with username and password over network or internet for browsing your eLibrary.

This edition makes it possible to create eLibraries and allows several users to work with them from different computers simultaneously. Computers working with the eLibrary can be connected via a local network, as well via Internet. To work with a remote eLibrary, it is recommended to use the eLibrary Client 2013 (freeware) application.
In eLibrary Server there is difference between the server and the client version. 

eLibrary Server 2013 for Server for authors with administration rights for adding files, setting appearance, creating users and all editing rights.
eLibrary Client 2013 for Clients for those who can connect to the server eLibrary with authentication provided by author. The user of a remote eLibrary can work with files, search and printing, and perform any other operations as usual.

eLibrary Server 2013 for simultaneous work of several users with one eLibrary uses the widespread TCP/IP protocol which allows:
  • Working in the local network;
  • Working in the Internet from anywhere in the world;
  • Using wireless technologies.
All you need is several computers under Microsoft Windows connected to a network.