Scottish Vienna Horns

Scottish Vienna Horns playing at the IHS 2014 event (15 August 2014)

Pictures above taken at Elmau, Germany. October 2009.

Possibly the beginings of SVH taken in 1989.

Surrey Philharmonic (Tim Barrett, Terry Leese, Tony Morris, Trevor Denya)

SVH on You tube, follow the link below:

Scottish Vienna Horns are a large Vienna horn ensemble, and were founded in 1993. Players come from many locations and backgrounds, brought together by the common goal of playing the Vienna horn. Over the last twenty plus years we have performed numerous times; having played throughout The United Kingdom, and visited Germany, Austria, and Italy.

We are a mix of amateur players, professional players, and horn teachers. What motivates us is the unmistakable and beautiful sound that Vienna horns produce. We are not a formal organisation; more a group of friends. If you are interested in playing with us, please feel free to get in touch.

Over these years, we have been helped enormously by some great horn players including, Lars Michael Stransky, Hans Pizka, Chris Larkin, Roland Horvath, John Pratt, Bob Ashworth, and Franz Söllner.

Within Austria there are a number of Vienna horn ensembles, including the Wiener Waldhorn Verein founded in 1883. Outside of Austria there are two large Vienna horn groups; Scottish Vienna Horns and the Tokyo Vienna Horn Club.