Scottish Vienna Horns
Vienna horn Players

Opera North Horn Club
Horn club in the Leeds area

Meister Hans Hoyer horns
A great horn and Wagner tuba maker

Melton Meinl
Some great parforce and furst pless instruments

Horn channel
Fascinating videos about the horn.

The Gramophone Magazine Archive
An incredible musical archive

Dean Pelling Brass
Brass sales & repair (south England)

Paxman Musical Instruments
Horn sales & repair (London)

Anthony Halstead
Used horn sales

British Horn Society
Horn events in the UK

Franz Windhager
Vienna horn mouthpiece maker

mouthpiece maker

International Horn Society
Horn events and resource

Alexander Mainz
Horn Makers

Hans Pizka
Vienna horn website

Peter Damm
Horn Player (not Vienna)

Horn history
Timelines of development, repertoire, and performers

Hetman musical instrument lubrication
A comprehensive set of application specific grease, gel, and oil.

Sotone Historic recordings
Horn recordings and super custom services

Music Library
Lots and lots of horn parts

Brassego Musical Instruments
Vienna horn maker

Andreas Jungwirth
Vienna Horn maker

Music Education Council (United Kingdom)
One voice for music education

Woodhead Horn Repair Limited
Luke Woodhead, horn repairs

Haagston Musical Instruments
Vienna horn maker

The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra
Vienna horn players

The Vienna Horn Club
Vienna horn players

Tokyo Vienna Horn Club
Vienna horn players

Burgess Hill Symphony Orchestra
Vienna horn players

The Vienna Symphony Orchestra
Vienna horn players

Moosewood (Tom Greer)
Vienna horn mouthpiece maker

Votruba Musikinstrumente GmbH
Yamaha Vienna horn dealer

Le oliphant Paris
Musical Instrument Shop

Yamaha Europe
Vienna horn maker

Wiener horn
Vienna horn website

Vienna Horns
Vienna horn recordings

Horn notes & Horn articles
New resources for horn teachers and horn players and

Horn Solos
Vienna horn videos

Horn excerpts
Excerpts of horn parts

Engelbert Schmid Horns
Horn maker