National Medical Association of Lithuania

The NMA promotes the collective interests of medical society and patients of Lithuania. We carry out this mission by serving as the collective voice of physicians, nurses, dentists, pharmacists of Lithuania and a leading force for parity in world medicine, and promotion of optimal health.

This national professional and scientific organization of medics is committed to:
1) preventing the diseases, disabilities, and adverse health conditions that disproportionately or differentially impact persons;
2) supporting efforts that improve the quality and availability of health care to populations;
3) increasing the representation, preservation and contribution(s) of medics in lithuanian society.

Towards these ends, the National Medical Association provides education programs and opportunities international exchange, conducts outreach efforts to promote improved public health, and establishes national health policy agenda in support of medics of Lithuania.

While you're looking out for your patients' lives, the National Medical Association is looking out for your livelihood. Now, more than ever, NMA needs you to be part of its collective strength.

The NMA mission is straight forward and clear to be the nation's voice for parity and justice in medicine. Toward that end, the combined resources provided by NMA members are applied to:
- Develop a strenuous program in continuing medical education to ensure that NMA members remain abreast of rapidly occurring advances across the various medical specialties.
- Conduct public education to prevent health problems and promote healthy lifestyles.
- Promote and support biomedical research that contributes to the advancement of knowledge and treatment of diseases, disabilities and adverse health problems.
- Facilitate an increase in the representation and recognition of medical society in Lithuania. 

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