College/Career Information

Career/College Info.

Nebraska Career Information Service (NCIS) is available for Southern Valley Students to use. NCIS can help gather information about colleges, majors and scholarships.

To visit NCIS follow these directions:

From here you can do several things.

You may want to create a new user name and password. This will allow you to save information that is of interest to you. This will also allow you to create a resume and save it online.

  • Click on “Personal Learning Plan” on top right corner.
  • Follow directions.

Gather information about a certain occupation and find out what schools offer that area.

  • On left hand side, click on “Occupations.”
  • Choose the Cluster that your occupation will fall under.
  • Click on the occupation, or something that is close.
  • The first screen that appears is an overview of that occupation. The blue links on the left can answer questions about that occupation…how much they make…work setting…hiring practices…etc.
  • On the left hand side, under the heading “Related Information” click on “Nebraska Schools.” This will give you a listing of the schools in Nebraska which offer this major. You can then link directly to the schools website, or gather information about the school from NCIS.

Gather information about a college.

  • On the left hand side, click on “Nebraska Schools.” You can also choose “U.S. Colleges and Universities” if you are interested in schools that are out of state.
  • Choose the type of school you are interested in attending.
  • Choose the school.
  • From here you have several options. You can link directly to the school’s website or use NCIS to gather information.
  • On the left, you will see information about the school….cost….student body….housing…etc.
  • Under the “Related Information” heading you will see career clusters. Click on one that is of interest to you. It will then tell you what majors the college offers within that cluster. Then, you can explore within that major.