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In addition to providing quality thrift stores to our community, in 2016 we served nearly 13,000 individuals and families and provided more than $275,000 in financial assistance to our Neighbors in Need. 

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December 2017

Dear Vincentians,

                                 Spending Time with the Christ Child

In this time during Christmas, make it a point to seek out the Lord in a quiet place.    Maybe you can steal a few moments before the blessed tabernacle during adoration or before the Crèche in your home.  You don’t have to talk much; just picture Jesus sitting with you, and rest in His presence.  It may not appear that anything is happening.  You may feel absolutely nothing changing in you.  But if you keep this up over time, you won’t be disappointed.  God will speak to you in the quietness of your heart.    He will bring you peace.  He will assure you of His love.  He loves to spend time with you!  Remember, if your heart is noisy, chattering, you won’t hear His voice.  It’s in the silence that we can become aware of our emptiness and our longing for the Lord.  Spending too much time caught up in the noise and clutter of the world can dull our spiritual senses.  It can make us think that we are fulfilled and satisfied when we may be just bouncing from one distraction to the next.  It’s only in silence and emptiness that we can allow the Lord to fill us and speak to us. Come, Lord Jesus, come into my heart.

 Have a blessed Christmas! 

The Chronicle of Philanthropy

The U.S. Society of St. Vincent de Paul was ranked # 75 in the Philanthropy 400.

This is an annual ranking by the Chronicle of Philanthropy of the 400 charities that have raised the money from private sources.


Our benefactors/givers/friends  are extremely generous to us.  We thank the Lord for their faithful partnership with our Society.


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