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Dear Vincentians,



I am convinced that we will never become the people God wants us to be – never become the disciple-makers Jesus calls us to be – until we courageously and radically de-clutter and simplify our lives and open ourselves to what we know we ought to be doing.  But the vast majority of Christians would admit they aren’t doing at all – or very much.   What am I talking about?   Prayer!


I’ll admit it, my prayer life has been one of the aspects of my faith journey that should and could have been a lot better.  Frankly, at times my prayer life takes a back seat to whatever is holding my attention that day.  How come I can’t do a better job of it?  The New Testament is filled with the prayers of God’s people and His miraculous responses.   I know in my head that I need to pray more, that prayer makes a difference,  that I can never accomplish what I want to, unless I am a praying Christian and make prayer a priority in my life every day.   Still, my prayer life languishes at times.


I’m not one for setting goals for myself,  but I have made a commitment that I would start the day with my daily devotionals and end the day with prayer and scripture reading.    Sometimes it’s just the Hail Mary that I finish my day, and that’s okay.  Am I there yet?  Let’s just say it’s a work in progress and I have a long way to go still, but I am doing much better.  What I do find important to my daily time with the Lord is to have a time of silence.  Sometimes I come before the Lord with a long list of prayer concerns.  I need to remember to give space to Him too.  Although prayer concerns are important, I know I need to sit in His presence and just “be”, allowing Him to nurture and fill me up with His Holy Spirit. 


How about you?  Do you take time every day (every other day?) for a time with the Lord?  Perhaps we could work on this together.   I know it will make a huge difference in our faith journey.


Remember:  The Lord wants you to know Him like He knows you

                      He wants you to love Him like He loves you


                                                                Bernadette Kalafatich


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