IRC bot usage

Our IRC channel has a bot. It's running supybot and a few plugins. Here's some info on using them.

General commands

These work in channel by prefixing them with an at-sign. They can also be /msg'd directly to the bot.
  • @help <command> - Get the help text for a command
  • @more - Retrieve more data from the bot:

<bot>  user: [blah blah blah] (1 more message)
<user> @more
<bot>  user: [rest of message]

Encyclopedia - Factoid memory/recall

The purpose of Encyclopedia is to store and retrieve data. In general this data takes the form <fact> is <information>.

<user> !2600 is the hacker quarterly
<bot>  I'll remember that, user
<user> !2600
<bot>  2600 is the hacker quarterly

The bot replies with the same <fact> is <information> pattern. Sometimes you want to reply without including the original factoid. In other words, if you say "hello" to the bot, you don't want it to say "hello is <something>" back to you. The fact can be prefaced with a <reply> keyword to indicate that the text that follows constitutes the entire reply:

<user> !hey is hey to you too
<bot>  I'll remember that, user
<user> !hey
<bot>  hey is hey to you too
<user> !hello is <reply> hi right back at ya
<bot>  I'll remember that, user
<user> !hello
<bot>  hi right back at ya

The bot can be addressed by name or by using the exclamation point to get its attention:

<user> bot: 2600
<bot>  2600 is the hacker quarterly

Information can be edited:

<user> !2600 is teh best evar
<bot>  But 2600 already means something else!
<user> !no, 2600 is teh best evar
<bot>  I'll remember that, user

You can search for factoids that match a keyword:

<user> !search hacker
<bot>  Found: 2600


Obtain data from the weather underground
  • @current <locale> - Display current conditions
  • @forecast <locale> - Display a forecast
  • @weather <locale> - Get the current conditions and a forecast

I think something is up with this plugin. It seems to forget about people. Maybe it just has a short memory.
  • @seen <user> - When was a user last seen?
  • @last [<channel>] --regexp <expression> - Display the last time something matching the specified regular expression was mentioned


No commands. The bot outputs the page title for any links pasted in channel.


This seems like a bad idea, but anyone can change the bot's nick. CONSIDER IT A SOCIAL EXPERIMENT
  • @nick <new nick> - Set the nickname of the bot to <new nick>