You can get in voice contact with one of the SV2600 members through this page.
In the initial contact, please be clear that you're calling about sv2600 and that you're new! 
If you get voicemail, leave your cell/mobile number and speak clearly!

Enter in YOUR name, and YOUR phone number.
You will be called and connected to me through Google Voice.

Not Working? Turn off NoScript/FlashBlock.
Trust your Google overlords. Also, it means MY phone number isn't sitting out in too public.


We're always idling in IRC! Please keep in mind that SV2600 has a private IRC server, and that the surefire way to get access is to show up to a meeting! 
However, our channel on 2600's IRC network always has members in it. We may not respond right away, but someone will (usually within 24 hours). If it's not urgent, it might actually be faster to email, though...
Server Information: #sv2600
Quick IRC URI: irc://
IRC Clients: We're not vouching for the quality, security, or integrity of these clients, just putting them out there.
    Pidgin (Windows, Mac, Linux) <-- Good for beginners.
    X-Chat (Windows, Mac, Linux)
    Adium (Mac)
    Irssi (Windows, Mac, Linux) <-- Good for virgins. (SV2600 Seal of Approval)