Hello Statistics Busters!

Welcome to the Statistics Be Darned community!  My name is Suzette Vearnon and I too am a Statistics Buster. For on December 27, 2014, I defied the statistics by marrying the most wonderful man--on my 55th birthday! Had I listened to what the statistics predicted, I would have never found out that my dreams of having a life partner could come true. 

My husband and I in Montreal, CANADA on our honeymoon

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Every now and again, I'll check the stats pertaining to single women who comprise our community: college educated women over 30, women over 40 and women of color, hopeful that the predictions are shifting from unfavorable to favorable. While there is improvement in certain areas, when I googled "statistics about single college educated women over 30," (in the year of our Lord, 2016) these were the results that graced my page in exact order:

Now for some of you, these search results don't phase you a bit. Perhaps you are bringing men in by the droves or perhaps you have checked out on the whole love and happily-ever-after thing altogether.  But for countless women 
all over the globe, these headlines are heartbreaking.  It is for you my dear single sisters that this community was created.  And it is to you that I give his message:  One, there is hope. And two, don't you dare settle.

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