About Statistics Be Darned!

Statistics Be Darned (SBD) started as a shout of defiance when I read the many dismal statistics about single women, love and marriage.  The power of that shout compelled me to record an audio, How I Changed The Way I Dated And Got The Man.  Responses started pouring in.  A friend shared it with a friend who shared it with her friends and before I knew it, what was a shout became a movement.  Women started coming together around these three words: STATISTICS BE DARNED and started taking back their power.  

Refusing to be helpless and hopeless, women from all over have participated in SBD's local and virtual events: Statistics Be Darned Meetup, ENOUGH Virtual Workshops, Celebrate A Single Sweetheart Valentine Day Weekend, You Asked? Good Men Answered! Annual Virtual Summit and most recently, For Queens Only

Statistics Be Darned Meetup 2015

Here is a testimonial from our ENOUGH Virtual Workshop:

My experience of the Enough Virtual Workshop was so amazing that I had to experience it not once, but TWICE. And if I ever felt like going for the third base, I would do it again.

It is a well put together virtual workshop that heightens the awareness of self, brings clarity to the blind spots that could be holding you back from experiencing the love you desire, it empowers you to make better choices, and to no longer settle.

What I loved most about the Workshop is how our beautiful facilitator/coach (Suzette Vearnon) made us feel throughout every session. It is a judge-free, shaming and guilt-free Workshop. Our coach made us feel at home and very comfortable about sharing our past experiences with dating and relationships.

The Enough Virtual Workshop is not about male bashing. It shifts your perspective from blaming men for past failed relationships, and it  empowers you to take responsibility for the way you allow men to treat you. Owning our power is celebrated as well as celebrating good men.

Last but not least, you will walk away from the Enough Virtual Workshop remembering that You are enough and worthy to receive and give love. It opens you up to the possibility that there is someone perfectly tailored made to love you for You!

My life has changed so much since taking this workshop and so has my relationship with men. Dating is now fun and I am attracting men who are relationship-ready!

~A. Boothe (NY)

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About Suzette!

This would be the spot where I'd tell you what I do and my credentials to do it.  If that is important to you, feel free to Google me at Suzette R. Hinton and Suzette Vearnon (my married name).  To my sister out there who simply wants someone to see her, I, Suzette, see you.   

You see what the bio's and about me's don't tell you is that I grew up in a little town called Kinston in a red house with dirt for a front yard that my sister and I had to rake every week.  Yep, we raked dirt.  I was unfiltered and precocious, but that made for sharp disapproval and a spanked bottom.  I discovered that if I was going to survive and have a chance at going to Heaven, I had to try to comply to what I was told was right.  For all my efforts, I couldn't.  I just couldn't. 

Consequently, I grew up screwed up and desperate for validation.  I abandoned my voice and tried to live my life the way others told me I should.  I didn't share this for you to feel sorry for me or for yourself.  I share it to let you know that if I could fumble and stumble my way into standing on my own two feet, hearing the sound of my own voice and inevitably defying all the statistics that predicted I'd never experience healthy love or a committed marriage, you can too!

To contact me, send an email to contact@suzetterhinton.com.  

"I now pronounce you husband and wife"

Remember, you don't need everybody, just the right somebody.