Celebrate A Single Sweetheart


It's that time again!  We are just three weeks away from Valentine Day Weekend!  Woot!  Woot!  Last year was exceptional as Statistics Be Darned celebrated four deserving Single Sweetheart Ladies with one dozen roses delivered directly to their door, as well as drawings and door prizes at our virtual "Announce The Winners" Event.  I'm telling you, I don't know who had the most fun, the ladies or me!

This year, I'm looking to do it all again!

Our mission is the same.  It is to celebrate the over 30 single woman on a day and a holiday that causes a lot of women to feel most overlooked.  We decided to not allow it to be defined by the woman who gets this insanely huge bouquet delivered at her job or to feel like we were less because we didn't have a man showering us with that kind of attention.  Women from all over the U.S. and men nominated deserving women that they admired and respected.  The response was fantastic!

Many women were moved just knowing that someone thought about them.  With that said, let's do it again.  

Below is the link.  You can nominate as many women as you wish (including yourself) who fit these criteria:

  • She is single over 30 (this includes divorced and widowed)
  • She is not in a committed relationship (in other words, she is not expecting a gift from a man she's involved with)
  • She is someone you truly admire and respect
  • She lives in the United States (delivering flowers overseas can get really expensive)

That's it!

This year there will be a special category for Straight Wives of Gay Husbands.  Having been one myself, I know how tormenting Valentines Day can be for women who appear to be in a loving relationship but know that behind closed doors, ain't no love going on!  If you are one of these women, here's a chance to stand up for yourself by nominating yourself to be entered into a special drawing called Celebrate A Straight Wife.  

Below is the link.   The only requirements are: (1) she has to be a straight wife, (2) she lives in the United States (unfortunately, we are not able to ship flowers internationally) and (3) she cannot be in a romantic or committed relationship with a straight man currently.  

Help me get the word out!  Please share the Valentines Day social media poster (at the top of this page) on your page, in your groups...wherever women gather.  All you have to do is right-click the picture and you should be able to download it.  I will also be rocking it on my Facebook pages.  

Lastly,  this is not a local event.  It is virtual.  The winners of the flowers delivered to their door will be announced at the Tele-Event on Valentines Day. There will be other drawings as well, but to win the other drawings, you will have to be on the call when your name is called.  Keep an eye out on your email for the dial in and/or online log in information.      

Warm hugs,