#ONERadioShow 12-22-2013

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Born and raised in Durham, NC, Anissa Barbee still calls the Triangle city home.  She has earned a Masters Degree in Accounting with a concentration in Taxation from Strayer University.  Anissa is passionate about taxes. She can't get enough of them.  And that's the kind of person you want guiding you in tax preparation and tax planning.
Anissa trains tax professionals to understand and correctly interpret tax laws so their clients can be assured of comprehension and accuracy. 

Expansion is on the horizon for this Tax Aficionado.  She is moving her tax business outside of her home and will have a brick and mortar office, Transformation Tax
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#ONERadioShow 12-01-2013

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This was a special show to promote AUTHORS, MUSICIANS, ENTREPRENEURS, ARTISANS and SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS with products and services for the holidays. Before you spend all your money on Black Friday deals or Cyber Monday specials, listen in LIVE to the specials and gift ideas that are as unique as the individuals inspired to create them!  Check out #ONERadioShow 2013-12-01

#ONERadioShow 11-17-2013

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La'Ticia Beatty is Founder and CEO of Professional Divas, Inc. -a 501(c)(3) nonprofit women’s empowerment organization -serving the community one diva at a time®. As a mentor and fashionista, La'Ticia has balanced her passion to the community for over 20 years. After facing unparalleled odds, this Michigan native moved to North Carolina with a suitcase and a dream. Ms. Tish's vision is to feed 1000 families for Thanksgiving. For more information, contact Check out our interview on Show 2013-11-17

#ONERadioShow, 11-10-2013

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As an opening act for the likes of Vickie Winans, Twinkie Clark and a host of others, Lessette Kornegay is no foreigner to music. Raised in Kinston, North Carolina and the youngest of 6 children, she followed in her father’s musical footsteps.

Lessette shares her love for God and her experiences through the launch of her 1st gospel CD entitled, After the Storm.
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#ONERadioShow, 10-20-2013

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KEEP IT GREEN!  Charles and Pamela Johnson talk about how they

keep things fresh and vibrant in their relationship and how it trickles down to The Well Church where they pastor and their budding interests.  Charles, the author of
I Am Sam: 10 Keys to Success from 'Green Eggs & Ham' is a prolific speaker and all around great guy.  Pam, the fire to his dynamite, is a motivator and is excited about her acting debut in the upcoming production, Love Covers. Click here to hear their interview:  Show 2013-10-20!

#ONERadioShow, 10-06-2013

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What better way to celebrate a new season than reflecting on those men, women, teachers, coaches and the like who have pulled out of us the greatness just waiting to be revealed.  Join us Sunday, October 6, 2013 as our special guest, Deanna Cofield Hamilton , shares her inspiration for writing The Great Mentor and how great mentors have helped unlock her inner GREATNESS. 
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#ONERadioShow, 09-29-2013

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Meet our relationship experts, The Relationship Fixer Stephanie McKenzie and The Relationship Guy Stephan Labossiere.  They tell it like it is and reveal what you already know but are afraid to know it. Stop the madness and have the relationship you want!
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#ONERadioShow, 09-22-2013

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Harriet and Thomas James are examples that you can find true love after 40. They met when Harriet followed her son to his girlfriend's house to take pictures before they went to the prom.  Thomas was her father.  They knew they were interested in each other but decided to ignore those feelings because of the kids.  But something happened to change that. 
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#ONERadioShow, 09-15-2013

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Leslie and Nathaniel Brown's story is not a fairy tale. What started out as friendship turned into an infidelity that sent them into despair and shame.  Hear their miraculous story of forgiveness, redemption and restoration.
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#ONERadioShow 09-08-2013

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Courtney Hudson and Derrien Hudson met in 2008 while students at Howard University.  Their relationship was purely platonic for three years.  But something happened the Summer of 2011. Tune in this Sunday for their inspiring story.   
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