About Our Coach

"What people want to know is do you see me,
                                                                   do you hear me,

                                                                                            do I matter to you?"  

That's one of my all-time favorite Oprah quotes.  Therein resides the need in all of us.  The need to be acknowledged. If you peel back a conflict between two people, 9 times out of 10 both are competing to be not just heard but truly heard.  Not just seen but truly seen.

Hello, my name is Suzette Hinton, founder of Purposeful Connections.  Our purpose is to make meaningful, significant and yes, purposeful connections to what matters most.

Life/Mentor Coach

What is Coaching?  Coaching is helping clients get to the goal that they have not been able to reach on their own. This can include personal and professional success as well.  As a coach, it is my purpose to work with individuals to help them achieve the life they truly want for themselves.  My job is to help my clients tap into what they really want out of life and then empower them to complete the action plan that they have set out.

Coaching is not therapy.  Therapy usually delves into a client's past or some type of mental health challenge and helps them to work through issues.  Coaching focuses on present and future.  Certainly, a client's past is acknowledged but it isn't the focus.

As your coach, my focus is on the NOW of things and changes you wish to make.

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What sets me apart from other coaches?  I am a Sagacious Solutionist. That is what you need when you're trying to figure out your life, your relationships or your business.  You need someone with acute mental discernment and keen practical sense.   

Motivational Speaker

I am a born motivator! It started with my determination to make sure that everything I knew my baby sister had to know and everything I could do my baby sister had to do.   Since that time, I've led workshops and conducted seminars across a wide range of topics and in a variety of settings.  Different from coaching where I assume more of a supportive role, the motivator grabs you by the hand and says, "Come on.  Let's do this."  Let's tell the truth about ourselves.  Let's own the parts of ourselves--the flattering and the not-so-flattering.  Let's get down to what's real.

Group Facilitator

Groups are powerful supportive agents of change.  As a facilitator, my role is to support the group, making it a safe place of illumination, healing and empowerment.  In the late 1990's, I formed a group called STRAIGHT TALK.  It was a no-holds-barred discussion of issues that challenged healthy relationships between men and women.  What a great group!  From communication to infidelity, no topic was taboo.  I returned to college to broaden my skills as a counselor and group leader.  My return to group facilitation this time was with DWI-offenders. The techniques, training and support honed during that time are still serving me today. This past summer I volunteered as a camp leader for The Encouraging Place.  Seeing the openness, honesty and willingness of brave young women only reinforced that, when given a safe place, transformation is possible.  

Published Author

I love to write.  I have to write.  Writing allows my soul to speak.  Pivotal to my career as a writer was being part of the contributing staff of F.I.N.E. Success Magazine, now VMH Magazine, garnering my own regular column, "The Inspirational Corner."  With it came the opportunity to conduct interviews on the magazine's behalf.  Featured on the front cover of the April 2013 Issue were my interviews with singer, actor and member of the female singing group En Vogue, Rhona Bennett and the Dreamweaver and respected veteran actor, Richard Lawson, most known for his role as Lucas Barnes on the long-running soap opera, All My Children. These accomplishments garnered me the magazine's 2013 Excellence In Inspirational Writing Award. 

I have also contributed to:  
  • Ezinearticles.com (platinum expert writer status)
  • Yahoo Contributor Network (previously Associated Content)
  • Hubpages.com
  • EmergeNC Online Magazine
  • Divorced Dating Post
50 Times A Writer and Suzette's Blog are my love letters shared with the world.  They are my outlet for random thought and personal reflection.  

Last but not least, my crème de la crème, my books!