Do I Need A Music Consultant?

  • If you need music for your wedding or event;
  • If you are a church, choir, group or soloist in need of a keyboardist;
  • If you aren't satisfied with your piano or keyboard skills;
  • If you need interim services until your musician returns or until you can find a replacement;
  • If you need individual or group vocal coaching ;
  • If you're looking for a soloist, a backup singer or performer;
  • If you need to organize and better structure your Music Department;


Are You Gifted to Sing?

GIFTED TO SING will take you from being an undiscovered talent to standing in your own spotlight.  You will:
--Discover what kind of artist you are
--Showcase your uniqueness
--Build your confidence for your next level
We don't stop at technique.  We unlock your heart's song.
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What Sets Us Apart?

We offer innovative solutions to meet the needs of the 21st century church.
We educate young talents who hear outside the box.
We collaborate with our clients to bring their vision to life.
We are innovators
                                        and collaborators

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What is Music Consulting?

Music consulting is assisting clients in discovering and developing their musical talents.  It is also consulting with clients to address issues related to music
How will you help me?
We provide consulting services, coaching services and resources to assist you in achieving your music goals.  We are also a resource and referral drawing from a diverse pool of able, talented music professionals.
Is the first session free?
Our initial consultation is free, lasting 30-60 minutes.  It gives us a chance to get acquainted and for you to share what your musical needs are.  It also gives our consultant a chance to demonstrate her vocal and musical capabilities.  From that meeting, our consultant provides a written agreement of the scope of the services and a quote of the cost. 
How long will we work together?
We provide temporary solutions that could be one time only or might span for an agreed time span.  Any services beyond six months depends upon the availability of the consultant. 

About Our Consultant

Suzette Hinton has been performing music for over four decades. Her fascination with music began when she was age 7.  
To the frustration of her sister, Suzette played the upper keys while she was practicing her scales. Before long, she realized she could play the songs she heard on TV, the radio and at church with one finger.  
Even at a young age, she was a teacher.  Drafting her younger sister, she insisted that whatever she could do, her sister had to do as well.  
Since that time, Suzette's talent and charm have brought joy to audiences across denominations, races and backgrounds.  She brings a rare quality of substance and grace to everyone she comes in contact with.  Whether it's playing for a church, conducting a workshop, directing the music for a wedding or teaching a child to play, Suzette's mission is to create an experience that will be remembered for years to come.  
(Click here to view her Musical Resume) 
"Suzette Hinton is without a doubt, one of the most gifted, articulate and well versed musical artists that I have had the pleasure of working with.
As a seasoned musician and vocalist, Suzette consistently demonstrates a spirit of excellence. She has the rare ability to not only transcend across denominational boundaries and musical genres, but also possesses a genuine spirit of humility and love for people that embraces and excels her ministry of music. A student in the art of sacred music, Suzette’s versatility is uncompromised. From the traditional old standard hymn or anthem, to the traditional gospel, to contemporary gospel, to praise and worship, her musicianship and teaching/coaching abilities are indeed exemplary.
Suzette’s expertise is also equally valuable in the musical consulting arena. Whether her services are solicited for workshops, weddings or for piano lessons, the same spirit of excellence is demonstrated without fail. Her creative insights and teaching abilities in these areas are second only to her infectious personality, and her services will prove to be well worth the honorarium."
Rev. Allen F Brown
Raleigh, NC

"Suzette is a gifted and anointed singer,teacher and musician who ministers under God's anointing. She is a daughter of the Body of Christ who loves God and His people. Her convictions regarding of life are solid, yet non-judgmental. Suzette is an intelligent, conscientious and dependable person. She is a worshipper who knows how to usher in the presence of the Holy Spirit.  She is an asset to any endeavor in which she is asked to participate. "

                     Milton Evans

                     Minister of Music, Community Baptist Church
"Suzette . . . what can I say? She's double platinum! Excellent with her musical gifting as well as her sharing/caring side. She has been a Camp Leader for the Summer Camp for Women serving the residents at the Salvation Army. Whenever I walk into the room, I hear the same thing . . . "she is sooo nice and she is sooo good for these ladies." She is a good listener, an easy-to-receive-from sharer with a million dollar smile. What a blessing she has been to 'God's girls!' "
                                                    Regelyn "Reggie" Edwards
                                                    Chief Encouraging Officer
                                                    The Encouraging Place