In 3

  • I launched 3 businesses at the same time: Odyssey Administrative Services, Odyssey Music Consultants, and Purposeful Connections!  
  • I went from working a temp job as a bookkeeper to getting the contract in place of the staffing agency that hired me.
  • I wrote three books, two of them at the same time.  All three on the shelves of Raleigh's most respected independent book store,  Quail Ridge Books
  • I went from a pro bono coaching client to paying clients in the US, UK and Canada
  • I defied the statistics that said that a woman my age and stage in life was unlikely to find love and get married...and I found love and got married.  
  • Just 3 months after investing in coaching, I became 100% self employed.  
  • I have gone from struggling to make ends meet, to paying off my debt with only a mortgage in tow. 
  • I am helping women over 30 get liberated from past relationships, take back their hearts and become heart-connected. 

Is this you?

  • You're clear about your passion, but AREN'T MAKING ANY PROGRESS

  • You have great products and services, but HATE "SELLING" TO PEOPLE

  • You have a dream but ARE OVERWHELMED BY HOW BIG IT IS

  • You have creative ideas for business, but ARE A SERIAL STARTER AND STOPPER  

  • You feel the tug to try again, but FAILED THE FIRST TIME

  • You want to get started, but DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO FIRST

  • You hate working for someone else, but GOT A MORTGAGE TO PAY AND KIDS TO FEED

  • You have a business, but AREN'T MAKING AS MUCH MONEY AS YOU'D LIKE 

  • You want to make a profit, but FEEL GUILTED INTO LOWERING YOUR PRICES

It certainly was me!

Hi my name is Suzette Vearnon.  While I don't claim to be Suze Orman or Ali Brown, I have learned a thing or two about business. Matter of fact, I am getting increasingly more business questions from men and women who want to know how I did this or how to do that. That's the reason I've put together this training system.  These aspiring entrepreneurs, authors, and coaches have talked with me, Googled me or observed me. While they say that my genuineness resonated with them; the real attraction is what they've seen happen in my life and business in just 3 short years.

Introducing My Virtual Training System

If It Don't Make Dollars will teach you how to: 

  • Stop thinking like an employee and think like a business owner.

  • Stop repelling money and make money your ally

  • Stop outspending your gains

  • Stop selling to folks who don't want to buy 

  • Stop freaking out during see-nothing days

  • Pay your bills but don't invest in them. Invest in your dream

  • Eavesdrop on your failures and find keys to your success

Using my 5 C's of Business, you will:

CLARIFY.  Get down to the why of your business.  What do you stand to lose if you don't pursue it?
COUNT.  Do the math.  What will it cost you to operate it?
CONNECT.  Discover your gift.  What problem are you constantly asked to solve?  What do people most admire about you?
COMMIT.  Marry your Gift to Purpose.  How can you bring wholeheartedness to your business?
CO-CREATE.  Make dollars.  How can you make your business productive?

The whole point of being in business is to make money.  If it don't make dollars, it ain't none of your business!

Warmest regards,