Friday, August 12, 2016
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Marcel Anderson Website
Marcel Anderson Free Gift

Marcel Anderson is a soulful and spiritual gospel singer who in 2012 experienced the unfathomable.  Rather than be defined by the violence he endured, he is writing his own definition, using his faith to spread a message of hope and empowerment.  Through his music, his books and his story, he is taking his life back and bringing others with him.  

Millennial Man’s Dating Crisis: “Your response can dictate your destination.”

With a different tune of artistry and spirituality, Minister and Performing Artist, Marcel Anderson brings masculine gentleness and transparency in sharing his dating journey.  Experience Marcel’s vulnerability as he talks candidly about his relationships after his 2012 brutal sexual assault and what it has taken for him to move forward in his recovery and in his relationships.

In his insightful interview with Suzette VearnonMarcel brings insights on relationships impacted by a tragic crisis and covers the following:
  • Relationships with women, sex and intimacy following his sexual assault
  • When a woman's desire to help, though well-meaning, is tolerated but not welcomed
  • The best advice to women when their man is in crisis -- even when he's a man of faith.
  • Should I go or should I stay:  How a man must respond to his pain if there is a chance for the relationship

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Jason Moore Free Gift

Jason Moore is a North Carolina native with roots stemming from New York.  He is a 34-year old husband of 8 years and father of two wonderful little girls.  Jason is passionate about his faith, family and fitness.  Growing up without a mother, he had a lot of pent up anger towards women.  Through the love of God and his lovely wife Jennifer, he has found healing and renewed vision.

"A Woman's Power To Create A Space for Trust and Healing"

Jason Moore wasn't looking for love - not at all.  Growing up without his mother around and the resulting resentment towards women, he felt he couldn't trust women.  Everything changed when he met his wife, Jennifer!  It was like something else took over that was out of his control. 

In his compelling interview with Suzette Vearnon, Jason talks candidly about a woman's power to create a space for trust and healing. In addressing single women of all ages, he is forthcoming about:
  • What goes through a man's mind right before he's ready to ultimately commit to a woman
  • Why what a man says initially is what a woman needs to hold him to
  • What motivates men to do what they do and how knowing this is empowering
  • How femininity is the solution to a man's erratic behavior 

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Robert Nolden Website
Robert Nolden Special Gift 

Robert Nolden aka Love Dr. Rob is a certified life coach and relationship adviser, launching N-Vision Life Coaching Strategies in July 2014. This divorced father of 3 has taken his life's experiences and used them to teach the world how to love again. Recently, he tied the knot. He doesn't just talk the talk, he's walking it.

Honest Insight: “You can't get what a man is feeling unless you've heard it from a man."

Love Doctor and Lemonade-creator, Robert Nolden firmly reminds us that there are good men and the importance of hearing from the right man.  Mr. Nolden describes an unmet often unrecognized emotional need in men. He walks us through the power of a woman to embrace, reactivate and refuel men walking through a strange place. Robert clearly identifies the strange place men experience and articulates a deeper understanding of relating. 

In his insightful interview with Suzette Vearnon, Robert passionately shares from his heart and experience:
  • How men and women experience the same rejections and hurts in relationships
  • The importance of selecting an "adult man" not just any man who pays attention 
  • Why it is so important to know your worth and not let anyone make you question it
  • The struggle when a woman's unresolved issues block a good man's efforts to love her

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Dr. John Gray Website
Dr. John Gray Free Gift

John Gray, Ph.D. is the best-selling relationship author of all time and the most trusted voice in relationships today. He is the author of 17 books, including The New York Times #1 Best-Selling Book of the last decade, MEN ARE FROM MARS, WOMEN ARE FROM VENUSHis 17 books have sold over 50 million copies in 50 different languages around the world.   

"Finding Happiness Within Ourselves"

#1 bestselling relationship author of all time best known for his nationally acclaimed book, Men Are from Mars Women Are From Venus, Dr. John Gray explains how and why relationships are not only dependent upon strong connections, good communication skills and a better understanding of our differences but are also  influenced by our individual happiness.  Building on the evolution that he sees happening in how people relate yet the unchanged biological underpinnings, Dr. Gray introduces us to his newest book,Conscious Men:  A Practical Guide to Develop 12 Qualities of The New Masculinity.  
In his captivating interview with Suzette Vearnon, Dr. John Gray takes us on a compelling journey, sharing the following:  
  • A predictor of the longevity of a relationship.  It will surprise you!
  • The "I" word that is a saboteur of relationships
  • Why a woman should not give love to a man who has not earned it
  • How a lesson in biology and science can improve a woman's chances in connecting with a man
  • "You should make yourself 'happy' and a man should make you 'happier.' "

Thursday, August 11, 2016

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Philip Young Website

Philip Young, Ph.D. is a professional spiritual adviser who has a diverse relationship background and who works frequently with single and couples on relationship issues. His own relationship journey includes a 10-year marriage from 1992 to 2002, a 10-year partnership from 2003-2013 and single dating since 2013.

Learn and be specific: Find out why compromise in a relationship is a blaring red light! 

In his insightful interview with Suzette Vearnon, Dr. Philip Young openly discusses:
  • How his unconventional and nontraditional relationships taught him to appreciate every experience 
  • The mindset that causes us to stay in relationships way past their expiration date and how to exit compassionately
  • What he advises about dating profile pictures.It'll surprise you! 
  • Why it is important to determine your own dating non-negotiables instead of trying to conform to someone else's

8:00PM Eastern Time (7:00PM Central/6:00PM Mountain/5:00PM Pacific)

Vince Guaglione Website
Vince Guaglione Free Gift

In the last four years since he has been back in the dating world, Vince Guaglione, self-published author of THE NARRATIVES series of books, has noticed many shifts in the dynamics of interpersonal relationships. Vince’s story is a lesson in perseverance, and brings a message of hope to all who are searching for happiness and inner peace.

"You Have To Be Able To Figure Out What Is Really Important"

Vince Guaglione's  perception initially was that all of the good men are being passed over.  Upon further reflection of Marry Him, a book that changed Vince's perception, he encourages women to take the time to  figure out what is really important. The quicker — the better.

In his insightful interview with Suzette Vearnon, Vince Guaglione suggests that within three dates, women should be able to: 
  • See who is in front of them
  • Refrain from getting mesmerized by physical intoxication
  • Authentically craft and ask questions
  • Unapologetically put their expectations out there

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Troy Vaughan Website
Troy Vaughan Free Gift

Troy Vaughan is the co-founder of RING|SIDE, LLC which is an organization that bolsters communication between outspoken, over-the-top, & opinionated men and women via fiery, fun-filled debate for healthier and more fulfilling dating, marriage, and sex. RING|SIDE is also the official Atlanta partner for The Sweet Spot, a pop erotica variety showcase of local talent in spoken word and visual arts.  

Knowledge is Power: Why am I still single?

Co-Founder of Ring|side LLC and Let’s Talk Sex dating and relationship commentator, Troy Vaughan doesn't mince words when it comes to male and female relationships.  Does he believe the sexes can battle to greater understanding?  He's seen it happen!  He shares a pivotal experience as the catalyst for getting out of the cheap seats and getting into the arena where men and women freely debate relational issues.

In his insightful interview with Suzette Vearnon, Troy arms women with information to make an informed choice and explores:
  • Blind spots that single women have about themselves as eligible dateworthy women
  • How a woman can make the first move that gives an interested man the "green light."
  • One of the most understated but most irresistibly intoxicating feminine traits to a good man
  • The old school man versus the new school paradigm and why women should consider which is the best fit for who she is authentically 

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Jonathon Aslay Website
Jonathon Aslay Free Gift

Jonathon Aslay is like A GUY SPY into the male mind who truly understands the way a single or divorced man thinks and acts. He's a master at helping women recognize and distinguish the difference between men who are emotionally unavailable from those who are truly ready for love. He found purpose in teaching women how to find love.

Conscious Dating: Connection. Communication. Commitment

America’s leading mid-life dating coach, successful entrepreneur, and heart-champion for women, Jonathon Aslay sensitively provides real insights and strategies to help us women grow.  Emotional level equality. What is it? Jonathon gives us real insights on this concept and its impact on the unique experience of mid-life dating.

In his insightful interview with Suzette Vearnon, Jonathon is absolutely intriguing as he candidly relays what women should know about:
  • How core realities can outweigh desires
  • How men can use "future" languge to try on what it would be like to be with you 
  • How being flooded with dopamine and other chemicals can result in over-promising and later subconscious running
  • Why, at the end of the day, appreciation and friendship is more important than romance

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

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Robert Vearnon Website

Robert Vearnon is an expert systems programmer and a proud self-proclaimed nerd who preferred reading to playing sports.  Though he knew he was a good man, he often got placed in the "friend zone" until he met the woman who would later become his wife. Today, he is happily married to the host and organizer of You Asked? Good Men Answered!

Learning from Life: “Come to know yourself”

Husband and corporate leader, Robert Vearnon talks from the perspective of an introverted loner growing up in abuse, anger, infidelity and senseless fighting. Robert reveals his personal story about how the lack of a father’s encouragement impacted his isolation and forming identity. 

In his insightful interview with Suzette Vearnon, Robert tells you:
  • How he was able to overcome a childhood riddled with abuse, anger, infidelity and senseless fighting
  • How a nontraditional union was the greatest teacher of empathy and respect
  • The importance of having a plan of execution when it comes to love, dating and relationships
  • When he realized he was in love with his wife

8:00PM Eastern Time (7:00PM Central/6:00PM Mountain/5:00PM Pacific)

Dr. Brian Hooper Website
Dr. Brian Hooper Free Gift

Dr. Brian Hooper is an integrative Pastor Counselor and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. He range of counseling and services includes clergy in crisis, LGBT communities, elder parent care, relationship coaching and medication alternatives, just to name a few.  He offers an affirming psycho-spiritually integrative approach to life's challenges.

"We're Dating  Is He Gay?" 

How could he be gay?  He wants to marry me!  Many times, men want a wife and children. They marry their best friend and can perform in a husband capacity but only to a point.  

In his insightful interview with Suzette Vearnon, Dr. Brian Hooper leaves no doubt about how BIG that point is.  With much compassion but no denial, he tells women:  
  • Why what you don't know will hurt you.
  • Why, though he might want to marry you, you'll never be enough for him
  • Gay men and church, exposing the Elephant in the room
  • You deserve to be passionately loved.  Don't settle for less!

9:00PM Eastern Time (8:00PM Central/7:00PM Mountain/6:00PM Pacific)

Matthew Coast Website
Matthew Coast Free Gift

Matthew Coast helps strong, independent women meet quality men and get into committed, lasting relationships. Matthew has been featured on CNN, ABC, The Phoenix Business Journal and Success Magazine. If you'd like to know what's stopping you from attracting or connecting with Mr. Right, take his quiz at

What's Stopping You From Meeting "Mr. Right"?

In his insightful interview with Suzette Vearnon, Matthew gives us the answers we have all been anxiously waiting for:
  • The relationship perspective that destroys every relationship whether you're a man or a woman.
  • Dating and relationship behaviors that repel authentic guys
  • Men want commitment but the painful truth that women don't understand or refuse to accept 
  • Insider tips that most men don't want to tell you because they don't want to hurt your feelings, but women need to know

10:00PM Eastern Time (9:00PM Central/8:00PM Mountain/7:00PM Pacific)

Dr. D Ivan Young, Certified Master Coach, continues to tear down barriers and transform lives. His simple, direct, and uncomplicated discussions spark new thinking and heal broken people. His insightful yet, provocative teaching style on complex relationship subjects has been hailed by millions of fans across the country as remarkable. Recognized as one the most influential life coaches in America, and a highly sought-after motivational speaker. 

Stop Kissing Frogs, "Self Actualized" Ladies!

Are fly wings all over your mouth from kissing frogs in search of a Handsome Prince?  Dr. Young’s practical advice gives realistic navigation to meaningful relationships. 

In his insightful interview with Suzette Vearnon, Dr. D. Ivan Young gives no-nonsense wisdom to self-actualized, high profile women seeking a good man.  He tells them:
  • How the person you are involved with affects you with their absence
  • Stop waiting for a man to complete you.  Be your own complete woman
  • How a starvation diet never leaves anyone full
  • Why it is critical to distinguish reality from fantasy

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

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Tem'Ti Sahu Ra Free Gift

Tem'Ti is a lifestyle and life purpose coach based in the Atlanta area. Apart from being the Creator and Matchmaking Director at, he is also the weekly host of 'Renaissance Relationship Therapy with Coach Tem'Ti,' on and covers a wide range of relationship issues including, loneliness, infidelity, emotional imbalance, personal cultivation and sexual energy.

Meet My Types: "The Science of Love"

Lifestyle purpose coach, Matchmaking Director and Source Radio network host, Tem'Ti explodes with analogies and insights that create space for revelation. Through his MeetMyTypes dating events, he effectively matches men and women in real time on the deeper levels of compatibility. 

In his insightful interview with Suzette Vearnon, Tem'Ti Sahu Ra will teach you: 
  • Why being "a good battery" directly affects your ability to connect meaningfully
  • To shift your focus from how "cute" a man is to what's more important: where he's headed
  • Why determining a man's long term value must supersede "attention" or "attraction" if you wish to have a fulfilling relationship
  • What truly sustains the Power Couple Relationships we admire

8:00PM Eastern Time (7:00PM Central/6:00PM Mountain/5:00PM Pacific)

Jason Silver Free Gift

Jason Silver is a professional dating coach, founder of We Just Match and former CEO of the Matchmaking Institute, and has been featured in numerous magazines and TV shows including MTV, Huffington Post, ABC World News Now, Chicago Tribune, Women's Health and Men's Fitness. His expertise has been sought out by CEO's, celebrities and singles from all over the world.

We Just Match: "The Dating Mindset"

Conducting hundreds of interviews with lasting relationships led Jason to create principles that resulted in his marriage to his wife and building a successful business.  As a professional dating coach, Jason Silver candidly talks about how the struggle with relationships can come through several different disguises. He takes us on his personal journey from struggling to personal and relationship success.

In his insightful interview with Suzette Vearnon, Jason Silver gives women the secrets by:
  • Exposing the weight we carry emotionally that remains even after physical weight has been shed
  • Sharing ancient wisdom on finding the right match and being a good partner
  • Telling women where the conscious, self-actualized men are and how to recognize them 
  • Sharing ways to get off the relational roller coaster and build bridges to true partnership

9:00PM Eastern Time (8:00PM Central/7:00PM Mountain/6:00PM Pacific)

Troy Spry Website
Troy Spry Free Gift (Teach Me How To Love, Volume I)

Troy Spry is a certified life and relationship coach and “Reality Expert.” Troy has had the pleasure of writing for celebrity matchmaker Paul C. Brunson, has had his work featured in JET Magazine Online, and was chosen to be a guest blogger for the Steve Harvey Act like a Success Conference. He is a dating expert and contributor for, DigitalRomance.Com,, and

Teach Me How to Love: “Learning to love is something you have to invest in.”

In his insightful interview with Suzette Vearnon, Troy defines the Kingly transition we should all contemplate:
  • Stop searching for the one — be the one
  • What you have acquired in life doesn't qualify you as a first round draft pick for a good man
  • A heart of service is essential in our romantic relationships
  • The Interdependent Skills everyone should master if they wish to have fulfilling relationships

Monday, August 8, 2016

7:00PM Eastern Time (6:00PM Central/5:00PM Mountain/4:00PM Pacific)

Undrai Fizer Free Gift

Undrai Fizer enjoys life as an author, spiritual teacher, and accomplished jazz pianist. He is the founder of KAIROS, Inter-Global; an educational center for spirituality, potential development, and personal discovery. Fizer is also a commissioned Goodwill Ambassador with United Nations Inter-Faith Initiative of iChange Nations. He is also founder of the publishing company Divine House Books/UrbanWORLD Press.
Against My Own Heart: “More good women have been destroyed by fools pimping themselves as kings.”

Spiritual Leader, Jazz Pianist and commissioned Good Will Ambassador, Dr. Undrai Fizer unveils the perception of Good and Bad Men in terms of culture, relationship, and long-lasting happiness. His perspective dispels the perception of secrets, replacing the untold with a difference of thought. King, Prince, or Fool?  

In his insightful interview with Suzette Vearnon, Dr. Fizer breaks down the codependency that causes abuse to integrity and purpose and calls for evolutionary standards.  Find out:

  • How a man's title of King, Prince or Fool can be impacted by the spirituality of a woman.
  • The difference between Sensuality and Sexuality and how this is key to connecting with the opposite sex
  • Why believing you can't live without him is not evidence of being in love
  • How moving from codependency to interdependence can feel like you're not in love anymore

8:00PM Eastern Time (7:00PM Central/6:00PM Mountain/5:00PM Pacific)

Neal Blaxberg Free Gift

Dr. Neal Blaxberg is a certified professional coach and certified master trainer in professional coaching. A career ending injury cut thirty years of chiropractic practice short and led him to coaching, where he now uses his vast knowledge of health and wellness in service to his clients.  Dr. Neal also holds degrees in psychology and counseling, allowing him to help his clients experience.

Unconscious Programming:  How To Untangle The Signals That Attract What We Don't Want In Our Relationships

If you were to ask Dr. Neal, he'd tell you that Whoopi Goldberg sums up his experience in life best.  Despite his roller coaster ride, he has risen from life's challenges with enthusiasm and optimism about life.

In his insightful interview with Suzette Vearnon, Dr. Neal explores:

  • how unconscious and subconscious programming is recycling, through the law of attraction, our negative relationship experiences 
  • how "turning away from bad and doing good" begins the untangling process 
  • how the notion that you don't need anyone to help you in this process is within itself a symptom of the negative programming 
  • three factors relationships need to be fulfilling and to be lasting

9:00PM Eastern Time (8:00PM Central/7:00PM Mountain/6:00PM Pacific)

Byron Benton Free Gift

Byron Benton serves as the Pastor of Berean Baptist Church in Raleigh NC.  He's a gifted percussionist and proud graduate of A&T State University.  Passionate about the abundant life and holistic health accessible through Christ, Rev. Benton has committed his life to empowering others to live spiritually, mentally and physically healthy lives.  He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Marriage and Family Therapy at Eastern University in Philadelphia, PA.

R-E-S-P-E-C-T, Find Out What It Means To Me(n)

Respect is everything to men!  A man not feeling respected is equal to a woman not feeling loved. While it is a two-way street, a woman holds all the cards.  

In his insightful interview with Suzette Vearnon, Byron Benton reveals the source of a man's pain.  He gives women: 
  • Practical advice and tools to have the difficult conversations
  • Insider understanding of how to be an ally instead of an enemy
  • A nontraditional definition of submission and why it is so not slavery or servitude
  • Opportunity to work through real-life communication issues


What happens if I miss a speaker or can't participate in the summit?  Can I go back and listen?  Yes!  As a gift to you, you can listen to the replay of today's speakers for 24 hours for FREE.  If, however, you miss that 24-hour window or wish to forego the whole broadcast schedule and listen to ALL THE SPEAKERS whenever you want, where ever you want, you can purchase the summit for the low summit price of... 


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Our Good Men will tell you: 
  • How not to be suckered into staying in dead-end relationships.    
  • Why you should stop "waiting" and "wishing" and take ownership of your love life.
  • When you are most sexy and alluring to a good man
  • Why Queens don't have to advertise to be recognized.
And so much more  


Throughout the summit week, Good Men are going to decode how a King, a Prince and a Fool show up and how women can recognize them.  Queens Only is for women who finally "get it," the light bulb has come on and they refuse to be treated as servants or princesses when they were destined to rule.

As you listen to tonight's speakers, jot down the answer to these questions:

  • Do you blame yourself for what someone else did?
  • Do you blame someone else for your current relationship status?
  • Do you draw conclusions, drawing from whatever happens a life lesson worthy of being learned?

Queens get honest with themselves!  

If you are ready to unlearn sabotaging behaviors and interact with men from a place of confidence, secure your spot now for For Queen's Only.