Directions from Suyu Station

How to get to the Suyu Studio from Suyu Station 

Exit No 8 of Suyu Station
Now you got out of Exit 8 of the Suyu Station and the ground should look like this (You can also get out of Exit 7 and get to Exit 8)

You are waking toward the Gangbuk Ku Office Intersection

The Gangbuk Ku Office Intersection

You are at the Intersection

After crossing the intersection, you will see the hospital building across the street. If you can see this building on your right, you are very close to the Studio

From 1-2 minute walk from the Suyu Intersection, you will get to this point before Suyu 3 Dong Post Office. Please turn left here.

After the left turn, the street should look like this.

When you get to this point, you will turn right

After turning left, the street should look like this

Now, you are at the Suyu Studio

Now you can enjoy your roof top view just like her