Kolob Canyon Review
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Mission statement:

  • The Kolob Canyon Review celebrates art in all its voices. We seek to discover and nurture literary and visual artists and to provide them a forum for publishing and presenting their work.  We are the blank page, the unfocused frame, and empty canvas thirsty for everything your pulse has yet to create. We are the graphite smudged hand, the paint clinging to knuckles, and the lens trying to capture the light. We scour Southern Utah University students, faculty, and alumni for writers who speak our transforming speech, who write the diasporic code, who write for readers who dream unsatisfied and wake with wanting. It is more than us. It is a collaboration. We are readers. We are designers. We are artists. We are authors. We are the Kolob Canyon Review. 

Submission Guidelines
  • The Kolob Canyon Review staff are excited for another year of reading submissions. Submissions are read April 15 - November 1. If you are SUU alumni, staff, faculty or a current student, we want your creative work! This includes creative essays, creative nonfiction, fiction, poetry, and graphics. Each individual is allowed up to five submissions with a 3500 word limit. Submit to kolobcanyonreview@gmail.com with Microsoft Doc or Google Doc attached. Feel free to email us, as well, with any questions or concerns about submitting.