Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Phone: (435) 865-8257
Office: CN 225Q

History, Sociology, and Anthropology Department

Ph.D., Anthropology, Case Western Reserve University 
M.A., Anthropology, Case Western Reserve University

Research Interests: ethnomedical systems; ethnoecology and ethnobotany; community-based development; natural resource management; political ecology; cross-cultural childbirth models

Teaching Interests: environmental anthropology; international health; sustainable development and conservation; anthropology field methods; Latin America; alternative forms of tourism; cultural studies of science and anthropological theory

Geographic Foci: Latin American (Bolivia, Mexico); United States; Western Europe

My anthropological research has looked at traditional healing systems in Utah, the Bolivian Amazon, and Mexico. My work with traditional medical systems has led me to focus on the intersections among health, environments, and economic markets. My first book, "Indigenous Knowledge and Development: Livelihoods, health experiences and medicinal plant knowledge in a Mexican Biosphere Reserve," (2014) addresses topics of governance and conservation, ecotourism, and traditional medicine in the context of community development and conservation in the Biosphere Reserve.

I also work with a number of social justice and community-based conservation initiatives. I have collaborated on the development of the webpage for an Indigenous Mexican women's cooperative, Color de la Tierra ( I also have contributed to community-based conservation projects to help promote habitat preservation and protection of the Military macaw in El Tuito, Mexico (

I am currently engaged in research regarding the globalization of medicinal plant knowledge and the relationships between indigenous, professional, and lay uses of medicinal plant knowledge across various ethnomedical systems (especially homeopathy and anthroposophy).

In my spare time, I enjoy competing in marathons, teaching group fitness classes, and birding – both in Mexico and across the USA.