Professional Information

1985 B.A. in English, Brigham Young University
1989 M.A. in English-Creative Writing, Stanford University
2000 Ph.D. in Contemporary Poetry/Creative Writing, University of Utah               

"(In)visible Shores" Red Butte Press limited edition letter press art book, 2017
"Ruin and Light"  Winner of Anabiosis Press Chapbook Competition, 2014
"Persephone Awakened" Chapbook/CD with Gerard Yun, Woodhenge Press, 2004

"Palimpsest" Cave Wall (forthcoming)
"Heliography" Cave Wall (forthcoming)
"Sepulveda Dam Bird Refuge" 
"Winter Solstice in the Gorge, 2016"
"What is Visible" Pilgrimage, Spring 2017
"When She First Lay Beside You"  
Quill& Parchment   Winter 2016
“She Looks for the Day” “A Woman Spins Her Grief”  ​  Quill& Parchment  Nov. 2015  
​“Retrieval,” “Our House”   Saltfront Fall 2015 
"Your Treasures are Marbles" "Deer Tongue Fallen Apples" "She Speaks on Your Last Morning"
     "So Many Flowers" "What She Has Given You" 
      "Clouds Turn from White to Gray to Black"  Contrary Magazine April 2015
 “The Ceiling Fan Spins Your Childhood” ​ 15 Bytes  March 2015   
“The Sand Man” Sugar House Review   Winter 2014 ­ 
“Snow in March” Cave Wall Press Winter 2014
“Poem For My Daughter"  “Legacy”  “Great Basin” “The Meadow”
 “Descent”  Fire in the Pasture  2011
"At Parowan Gap, Utah" In God's Own House Exhibition, Braithwaite Gallery, January 2010
"The Tree Spirits of Takasago" SUU Faculty Dance Show
      Paul Ocampo, choreographer; Gerard Yun, composer, March 2009
 “Siple Station, Antarctica”  Dialogue  Winter 2002
 “At The Confluence” “Flood” “Leaving Virginia” “Moving Toward You”  Irreantum  Summer 2002
“A Girl In America” (Excerpts) “Falling Off” “Madison County Virginia”  
      Going to the Sun composition by Ann S. Hankinson
      Perfomed at Daynes Music, Salt Lake City   April 2002
 ­“Legacy” ​ Dialogue  Fall 2001
 “Falling Off” “Madison County, Virginia" “Wedding At Ash Lawn"  City Arts  Fall 2001
“Grotto”  Petroglyph  Spring 2000
 “A Girl in America"  SUU Faculty Dance Show; Shauna Mendini, choreographer; Ann S. Hankinson, composer  March 2000
“For Ellen Miller Found Strangled ” “Poem”  “Quietus”  Weber Studies
"An Awakening"  Tar River Poetry

Honorable Mention, Cave Wall Press Broadside Award
Outstanding Scholar Award
Nomination by Cave Wall Press: ​ B e st N e w P o ets A nth olo g y, 2 015
Winner, Anabiosis Press Chapbook Competition August 2014 
Semi-Finalist, 2014 Backwaters Press Poetry Award for manuscript “Drift Migration” 
Engaged Teaching Award, Southern Utah University April 2014 
Residency Fellowship Recipient, Virginia Center for Creative Arts  April 2012   
Utah Arts Council Original Writing Competition First Place Poetry Prize Dec. 2011 
Finalist, White Pines 2010 Poetry Book Competition for manuscript “Drift Migrations” 
Residency Fellowship, Virginia Center for Creative Arts   Aug. 2010 
Utah Arts Council First Place Award for Poetry Manuscript​ T o Liv e Else w h e r e 2006 
2nd Place, Original Writing Contest, ​ P etr o gly p h ​ , Utah State University, Spring 2000   
Metaphors and Symbolic Landscapes
Discovering Inner Strengths: A Co-facilitative Approach to Poetry Therapy
The Poetics of Poetry Therapy

Current Projects
I have completed one manuscript, Anchored to the Sky, and am in the process of revising "Drift Migration" to get it ready for publication.  

Invisible Shores book cover
(In)visible Shores
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Ruin and Light
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Broadside of “Retrieval
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