Cecily Heiner

PhD in Computer Science, 2009, University of Utah
MS in Computer Aided Language Learning, 2005, Carnegie Mellon University
BS in Computer Science, 2003, Brigham Young University


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August 2011-present
Assistant Professor in CSIS at Southern Utah University
Taught eight courses a year, hired and supervised TAs; enrollment in CS1 has grown 20%, enrollment in CS2 has grown 40%, graduation numbers have to doubled. Courses taught include Computer Literacy(online), CS1 in Java, Computer Organization and Design, and Programming Languages.

September 2009-June 2011
CTE Director/Information Technology Teacher at DaVinci Academy
Attended statewide CTE meetings.  Taught courses including computer programming, web development, multimedia design, CTE intro, keyboarding, and computer technology.  

Spring 2010
Graduate Instructor at Neumont University
Ran a seminar and supervised several projects at the Masters level.   


Grant Reviewer- NSF Panel 2014, 2017
Grant Reviewer-Utah Komen Affiliate, 2014-present
Program Chair- Rocky Mountain Celebration of Women in Computing (RMCWIC) 2014, 2016
Chair- Rocky Mountain Consortium for Computing Sciences in Colleges(CCSC) 2014
Associate Program Chair- SIGCSE 2017
Program Committee-SIGCSE 2008-present, CSTA 2013-present, CCSC 2013-present
Chair- Educational Data Mining Workshop, AIED 2007 and ITS 2006
Invited Panelist- CCWIC 2008, RMCWIC 2014, BYU Women in STEM Day 2013
Advisor- SUU Women in Computing Club 2013-present
SUU College of Science and Engineering Committees for internal research grants, symposium, and science fair 2012-present
AP Reading, Computer Science A 2016
ABET Course Coordinator- SUU CSIS 1400, 2810, 4550   2011-present


NSF Utah Exploring Computer Science co-PI, 2014-2017(approximately $25,000)
NSF Computing in the Arts Sub-Award, 2015 (travel to SC)
NSF Webservices in CS1 Sub-Award, 2013 ($5000+ travel to IL)
Komen Utah Affiliate: Computing for a Cure, 2012 ($2500 stipend+equipment)
CRA-W SIGCSE travel, 2012 ($900 travel stipend and SIGCSE registration)
US FIRST Team 3241, 2011 Sponsorships(approximately $15,000)
Anita Borg Finalist, 2008 ($1000 cash prize and trip to Google)


Toby Just and Bryan Wilbur- Molecule Simulator for PV=nRT
Vincent Bundage- accepted for competitive (8% acceptance rate) REU
Nora Valletta- UCUR presentation, multiple internal presentations at SUU
Amberli Wilde and Deanna Dillard- Math Capstone projects
Jay Kansagra&Josh Maxwell&Karen Miller- accepted for Masters degree at Carnegie Mellon University
Karen Miller- won NCWIT National Aspirations in Computing ward
Ian Sohl- Fourth place at ISEF in Physics(used substantial programming in project)


Professional License:  Utah Secondary Teaching License with Computing Endorsements
Computer Languages: Java, C/C++, JavaScript, HTML, PHP, MySQL, others
Protocols: HTTP, TCP/IP, Ethernet, FTP, others
Human Languages: English, German, Spanish
Mission: for my church, August 2001-January 2003, Germany Frankfurt Mission
Hobbies and Interests:
Cooking, Piano, Organ, Scuba Diving(Padi Master Scuba Diver/DiveMaster)


Joe Zachary                  zachary@cs.utah.edu                (801) 581-7079
Helen Hu                      hhu@westminstercollege.edu    (801) 832-2362
Nathan Barker              barkern@suu.edu                      (435) 586-5415