Assistant Professor - Biology Educator

Research Interests:

I am a discipline-based education researcher, my focused interest is understanding how students learn biology related content. I am interested in how both formal and informal education activities (in-class activities, family programming, museums, etc) impact how students learn. My goal is to gain a better, evidenced-based, understanding of what impacts learning and find ways to retain students in STEM fields. 

Current Projects
- Investigating plant regrowth and animal movement patters in a burn zone gradient in the summer 2017 Brian Head Burn Scar. 
- Investigating the Impacts of Marine Debris Curriculum on Attitudes toward Marine Debris Prevention. (NOAA Grant)
- Investigating Methods to Increase STEM retention in the US Virgin Islands. 'SEAS Your Tomorrow' (NSF Grant) 

Office Hours
Fall 2017
TR: 9:20a-11:50a or By Appointment

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