Mentions in the National Media

2020 (27) 

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2019 (39)

The Cheryl Reeve Show 81 - Whalen, McCarville, Phee and the '10s (December 26, 2019)


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English Version:


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(this was picked up at a wide variety of sites)


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2018 (33)


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WNBA Insidr Interview (November 3, 2018)



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Note: Unlike almost every other story, I am the subject of this article.


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2017 (20)


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Print and Radio Interview


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(Note: Article references a story I wrote for Forbes)


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This is a clip from the show on Bloomberg TV


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2016 (28)


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Television Interviews

March 30, 2007                                   Bloomberg on the Economy                             - NCAA Final Four

                                                                hosted by Kathleen Hays.                                 and The Wages of Wins

March 28, 2007                                   FOX News Bakersfield                                       - NASCAR Impact

February 2, 2007                                 Bloomberg on the Economy                             - Super Bowl and the

                                                                hosted by Kathleen Hays.                                 and The Wages of Wins

July 31, 2006                                        CNBC with Darren Rovell                                 - NFL Commissioner


June 19, 2006                                       KGET-TV (Bakersfield)                                     - Wages of Wins

                                                                Morning and Evening News



Radio Interviews


·         I have been a guest on Bloomberg Radio with Kathleen Hays multiple times

·         With the release of Stumbling in Wins in March of 2010, I was a guest on numerous radio programs around the country.


These are interviews before the release of Stumbling on Wins.  Topic is listed to the right.  There have been numerous radio interviews since 2009 (but I stopped keeping track).


October 26, 2009                                 Bloomberg Radio                                                                                - World Series

                                                                with Kathleen Hays


October 5, 2009                                   Hang Up and Listen, the Early Winter                   - Competitive balance

                                                                Classic Edition (Slate Magazine in the NBApodcast)

                                                                (hosted by Stefan Fatsis and Drew Magary)


August 21, 2008                                  Where Wall Street Meets Main Street                   - Wages of Wins

                                                                (hosted by Jake Warkenthien)


July 8, 2008                                          Valley Public Radio (Fresno)                                - Economic Value

                                                                Quality of Life with                                                          of Sports

                                                                Terry Phillips


March 31, 2007                                   NPR Weekend Edition                                           - Losing to Win in NBA




January 17, 2007                                Midmorning Show                                                  - NCAA coaches

                                                                (hosted by Keri Miller)

                                                                Minnesota Public Radio


August 22, 2006                                  Entrepreneur Magazine Radio Law                   - Wages of Wins

                                                                and Money Show with Garrett Sutton



August 7, 2006                                     ESPN Radio in Missouri                                     - Wages of Wins

                                                                ESPN-1580 KTGR

                                                                with Kyle Elfrink


June 13, 2006                                       Central Valley Business Times                         - Wages of Wins


June 12, 2006                                       Dom Giordano Show                                          - Wages of Wins

                                                                WPHT in Philadelphia


June 2, 2006                                         The Morning Show with                                     - Wages of Wins

                                                                Angelo Cataldi and Al Morganti

                                                                on Sports Radio 610 WIP

                                                                in Philadelphia


May 30, 2006                                      Dakota Digest of South Dakota                       - Wages of Wins

                                                                Public Broadcasting

                                                                (Stacey Brook Interviewed)


May 25, 2006                                      Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz                   - Wages of Wins

                                                                Sports Talk 790AM in South Florida