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What is Sakai?

Sakai is an open source "collaborative learning environment". Severance, 2006)  Sakai can function as a learning management system for training and education organizations as well as a communication system for groups engaged in research or ad hoc projects.

Sakai offers a wealth of tools to the user.  Communication tools range from simple announcements, a blogger function, chat rooms, forums and email functions.  For course developers, there are tools that will allow you to create syllabi, a calendar or schedule of events, and conduct polls.  Sakai offers the ability to add text, presentations or web links to a course module.  There is even a tool for adding a podcast to your course.

Who is using it?

As to July, 2006, Sakai is in production at over 150 institutions and being pilot by over 100 more. (Severance, 2006)  Currently, educational nstitutions are the biggest users of Sakai although it is available to any organization.  In the US, the list of current users includes MIT, Johns Hopkins University, and the University of Michigan.  Sakai also has several commercial partners such as Oracle, IBM and Unicon.


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